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march 18
"Puppet-Infested Planet" It was the Two Johns of They Might Be Giants who sang "If the pup-pup-puppet head / Was only buh-buh-busted in / It would be a better thing for everyone involved." The song of origin was "Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head," and TMBG's comically aggressive and typically gibberish-filled little ditty would be a perfect theme song for Houston's Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre. BPT is not your garden-variety puppet troupe; that sort, targeted at little kids and little minds, makes us want to pick up one of Punch and Judy's tiny battering rams and break all of the small bones in the offending puppeteers' hands. No, Bobbindoctrin is for big kids with functioning brains; it, too, is about gibberish-filled art with a wide streak of comic malevolence, but there's a foundation of furrowed-brow seriousness to BPT's work -- and an honest love for the form. That commitment shows up in this inaugural presentation, a co-production of BPT and its usual-suspect partner, Zocalo Theatre. The four-week video fest presents an overview of some of the earnest work being done today in the realm of puppetry, as well as various historical precedents. "Puppet-Infested Planet" opens with a screening of three documentaries, all narrated by the late, great Jim Henson and not publicly broadcast to date: Here Come the Puppets!: The 1980 World Puppet Festival, Jim Henson Presents: Sergei Obratztsov and Jim Henson Presents: Albrecht Roser. 8 p.m. NO TSU OH, 314 Main, 222-0443. Free.

The Big One Preview, featuring Michael Moore The muckraking director of Roger & Me is on the artistic warpath again with his latest flick, a skewering of corporations (like Nike) that downsize employees while upsizing profits. Moore speaks, then the film unspools. 7 p.m. Landmark Greenway 3, 5 Greenway Plaza, 626-0402. More info: 868-7015. $20 (proceeds: ACORN's Living Wage Campaign).

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