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March 26-April 1, 1998

March 30
FotoFest 98, Houston's Seventh International Month of Photography, draws to an official close this week, and its artistic director, Wendy Watriss, helps to usher it out with a signing of the book Image and Memory: Photography from Latin America, 18661994. The collection, largely drawn from exhibits at FotoFest 92, includes essays and associated writings by Watriss, Fernando Castro, Marta Sanchez Phillippe, Boris Kossoy and Lois Parkinson Zamora; Phillippe and Zamora will also be on hand to sign the work. 7 to 8:30 p.m. Brazos Bookstore, 2421 Bissonnet, 523-0701.

March 31
The Rockets are gimpy, quarreling geezers. The Oilers are long gone -- and good riddance. The Aeros are -- who the heck are the Aeros? Oh, yeah; they play ice hockey in a swamp. But hope springs eternal for Houston Astros die-hards, and with some cause. Our boys of spring and summer have a legitimate shot at being boys of late fall this year, with a lineup anchored by hard-hitting first baseman Jeff Bagwell, super 2B Craig Biggio and outfielder Moises Alou (acquired over the winter courtesy of the fire sale held by the World Series victors, the Florida Marlins). Pitching, well, let's not go there. The 'stros, the defending NL Central champions, open regular-season play with games against last year's NL West champs, the San Francisco Giants, at 4:05 this afternoon and 6:35 p.m. Wednesday. The Astrodome, 8400 Kirby, 799-9500. More info: 799-9555. $5 to $23.

April 1
There'll surely be plenty of gab concerning the social, ahem, intercourse between President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and how not to throw a party, inside-the-Beltway-style, emanating from the ever-yakking lips of Sally Quinn, queen bee of Washington's smartly dressed set. The former Washington Post reporter (she's married to retired Post executive editor Ben Bradlee) has crafted a cheesy cottage industry out of stuff like how to seat a spouse ("If I want to sit next to my husband at dinner, I'll stay home") and the allure of candle power ("Your house should look like Barbra Streisand's bathtub in A Star Is Born"). Quinn's on the rubber-chicken circuit hyping her latest tome, The Party: A Guide to Adventurous Entertaining; the Institute of International Education hosts the luncheon. Noon. The Westin Oaks, 5011 Westheimer, 960-8100. Info: 621-7958, extension 25. $50 (includes lunch; proceeds to the

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