Do the Time Warp

Lost in Space is dumb -- but it's a good dumb

The young Robinsons -- Lacey Chabert as Penny, Jack Johnson as Will and the stunning Heather Graham as Judy -- are serviceable, and they truly look like they could be the offspring of Mimi Rogers and William Hurt, who play Maureen and John. Poor Hurt seems physically pained by his role; he winces with every line he speaks. You can almost hear him thinking, "I've got a Best Actor Oscar, for God's sake," and "The check, the check, just think of the check." For those of us who've long suspected he might be an uppity prima donna, Hurt's obvious discomfiture is one more reason to like Lost In Space.

Mimi Rogers, who's almost as sexy as the old show's June Lockhart, is luckier -- she stays out of the movie's way. As is usually the case with family values propaganda, Lost in Space spends so much time worrying about what Dan Quayle calls "the importance of fathers" that it completely ignores the far more devoted mother.

Part of the plot hinges on an encounter, through a time warp, with a grown-up Will (Jared Harris). While Will and the emotionally neglectful John go through all sorts of Sturm und Drang with each other, the nurturing doormat Maureen rates only a dismissive, "It's good to see you, Mom," from her son.

Lost in Space.
Directed by Stephen Hopkins. With Gary Oldman, William Hurt, Mimi Rogers, Matt LeBlanc, Heather Graham, Jack Johnson, Lacey Chabert, Jared Harris, Edward Fox, Mark Goddard and June Lockhart.

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