I am disgusted that Julio Molineiro is given a license by our federal government to commit tax fraud, theft, bigamy, drug dealing, etc. This is a typical example of what the "war on drugs" has done to the integrity of our federal law enforcement.

I sure as hell believe the six defendants/victims in this matter more than perjury pimp Julio Molineiro. Who would you rather have living in your neighborhood, Judge Peavy, Councilman Castillo or a piece of scum like Julio Molineiro?

John Wells

Flippant Treatment Not Appreciated
While any publicity is good publicity, I have to say that your flippant treatment of our community event was rather disappointing to the hard-working volunteers of the Clear Lake Area chapter of the National Space Society who organized a free public viewing of the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon on Sunday, April 5 [Night & Day, by Clay McNear, April 2].

How would you like an advertisement for your newspaper to begin, "If you've got nothing better to do than sit around," read this paper? The members of the National Space Society happen to think that watching a quality educational program about the history of our space program is a very good use of our time. We share the enthusiasm for the adventure of space exploration with HBO and Tom Hanks, who serves on the NSS Board of Governors, and welcomed this opportunity to share it with a new generation of Americans.

Over 150 people, including a few Apollo-era flight controllers and a shuttle astronaut, joined us at the From the Earth to the Moon party, and by all indications, left both inspired and entertained.

Houston is blessed with many "space nerds," and CLA-NSS is glad to offer them an opportunity to share their inside knowledge with the nontechnical public. All are welcome to attend one of our free monthly meetings on the second Friday of the month at the Hobby Airport Radisson. Call Murray Clark, (281) 367-2227, for more information.

Marianne Dyson
Vice President of Public Affairs
National Space Society

Robot Lore
Yeah, I know everyone just called him "Robot." But instead of unintentionally (I'm sure) perpetuating the myth that he didn't have a name, M.V. Moorhead [in "Do the Time Warp," the review of the Lost in Space movie, April 9] should have taken note that his name was/is G.U.N.T.R., an acronym for "General Utility Non-Theorizing Robot." That stalwart protector of the Robinson clan deserves at least a little respect, don't you think?

Name withheld by request
via Internet

Bothered by Emphasis on Race
My comment is about your criticism of the film The Player's Club ["Mean Streets," by Danny Lorber, April 9]. Though I have not seen the film, it is just that -- a film! It is also one that I've been planning on seeing with a few friends or so. It seems to me that your emphasis was on the fact that this is a black film and that Ice Cube really fed into the stereotypes of black men and women. This may be true, but black or white, it is merely an exaggeration of what truly goes on in a club, or at least this is the message.

The film may be set in bad taste, but so are many other TV programs, films and magazines; yet, do we emphasize the fact that the majority of these are white films, TV programs or magazines? If you think it to be trash, then let that be, too. I have one question for you: Did you emphasize the fact that Striptease and Showgirls were white films? I don't think so. I may agree with you in the acting department, that maybe it could have been done better, but the emphasis on race is what bothers me.

R. Leal
via Internet

Photog Phenom
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Nicole Fruge's photographs are worth a million. She gets right to the heart of the story and right to the bottom of her subject's personality. I pity anyone who tries to keep a secret from her camera.

Claire McCulloch
via Internet

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