Night & Day

June 11 - 17, 1998

june 16
Billing its performance style as "testosterone tap" and its mission as a "reinvention of tap for the '90s," the troupe called Tap Dogs features six male hoofers from Australia who attempt to fill the void that exists between the click-heeled grace of Fred Astaire and the rock-'em/sock-'em roustabouts in Stomp (cynics say the Dogs borrow over-liberally from Stomp's oeuvre; founder Dein Perry has acknowledged that his group's name is a swipe from -- er, an homage to -- Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs). Opening performances: 8 tonight and Wednesday. Through June 21. The Brown Theater at Wortham Center, 500 Texas, 237-1439. $12 to $40 (Houston Ticket Center: 227-ARTS; Ticketmaster: 629-3700).

june 17
Hailed by some critics as this generation's Crazy Horse, Blue Mountain is loathed by others for sounding a little too much like Neil Young and company -- a typically cantankerous double standard, given that every band (even Crazy Horse) sounds like some other band. While it's certainly not the most original group ever to stomp down the pike, the power trio from Oxford, Mississippi, can't be faulted for its songs -- or its big-bottomed mix of young-blood Southern rock and slurry alt, supplemented by occasional mood-altering touches of folk and bluegrass. Hell, the Blue Mountain tunes "Soul Sister," "A Band Called Bud" and "Jimmy Carter" still ring in our inner ears three years after they were released on the disc Dog Days. So they're derivative -- who gives a damn? Marah opens. The Fabulous Satellite Lounge, 3616 Washington Avenue, 869-

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