Had I not already been to The Blue Agave four times since its opening last month, I doubt I would have gone once, if I were to rely on Mr. Lawlor's review. His criticisms are often schizophrenic: Chicken Blue Agave is "burdened" with tomatoes, peppers, onions, avocado and cheese, contrasted with "quite delicious" calamari Agave, tossed with peppers, onions, tomatoes and garlic butter. Or trout that comes with garlic butter and pico "in such quantity that the pecan crust is all but undetectable" is contrasted with splendid quesadillas "thanks in part to lots and lots of caramelized onions." Instead of telling readers about the bonus of having Sierra desserts available to cap off a meal, Mr. Lawlor needlessly critiques the decor. Is he a frustrated interior decorator, too?

Judging from the volume of letters you printed in response to his (apparently unfounded) criticism of Bistro 224 and my personal knowledge of The Blue Agave, Mr. Lawlor's tastes do not reflect those of your readers. Perhaps you should do us and him a favor and let him go, so that he may open his own perfect restaurant, which I will gladly review for you one month after it opens, point by petty point.

David Brill

Burley Knows Best
You may have missed ranchotejas.com in your survey of restaurant web sites ["Sites from the Scene," Dish, June 4]. The owner not only knows food, he's web-savvy also. (He's also related to me, but I'm not prejudiced!) Check it out when you get the chance.

Burley McCarley
via Internet

Snaring Drum Honors
My comment is mainly a point of concern. As I enjoyed casting my vote in the Houston Press Music Awards Best Artists contest, I became sad for two people of interest in the Best Drummer category. One candidate was Eddie Hawkins (Horseshoe), who no longer plays for the band, and the other is the not-so-forgotten but current drummer of Horseshoe, Mike Fischer. Anyone who claims to be very aware of the Houston music scene would probably know that Mike has been Horseshoe's drummer for more than six months. He has also been on the Houston music scene for quite some time, in other bands like The Kick, and has had various freelance spots with Sisters Morales, The Romeo Dogs, Herschel Berry and others. I'm glad Eddie was nominated, but I think Mike deserves some recognition as well. Is Mike the best drummer in Houston? I'll let the voters decide, but from what I've seen, he always gives his best every time he hits the stage.

Bill Guevara
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Plaza Perfect Pitch
Bravo to Houston Grand Opera for its third "Plazacast," and kudos to Houston Press for paying positive attention ["Figaro al Fresco," May 14]. The only ingredient Lee Williams neglected to note was how those closeup images of HGO's "mesmerizing" production of The Marriage of Figaro materialized on the big screen outside the Wortham -- via the technical proficiency and sensitivity to musical and theatrical detail, under the complex pressures of live transmission, of a Houston-based crew. Bravos to them, too, from an appreciative and wide-awake audience!

Name withheld by request

Nyet My Tongue
The review of the Russian movie A Friend of the Deceased, by David Theis ["Post-Commie Depression," May 21], displays a very typical -- for an American reviewer of foreign movies -- combination of ignorance and arrogance. In his article, Theis writes: "The language the characters actually speak is ... Russian." What language does he expect people in Kiev to speak? Swahili? Russian is the principal language spoken in Kiev and most of the other cities in the Ukraine. It is also the language of the majority of Ukrainian writers.

Amusingly, Theis's own article is written in standard English, the language of the "Yankee oppressors from the North."

Leon Luxemburg
via Internet

Washington Wordsmith
In reference to the letter from Sheila Jackson Lee ["Sheila Says It Isn't So," June 4]: Grammar -- try it, you'll like it.

Thomas H. Leavens
via Internet


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