Lawlor also said the food lacked subtlety. Well, yeah, Eric, this is Mexican and Tex-Mex food, and deals in more primary flavors than French or Pacific Rim cuisines. We weren't trying to dazzle the critic, we are going for food that tastes good, very good. And anyway, why is someone with a veddy veddy clipped British accent doing a review of a Mexican food restaurant? I can see where he would think our food had too much zing compared to the kidney pie and crumpets he grew up on. Eric, you are a bit of a stuffed shirt, and I have got to tell you that I think you are absolutely full of hooey; but all is forgiven, mas o menos. Come on over to The Blue Agave and join me in tasting one of our premium tequilas; maybe it will loosen up that stiff upper lip, old chap.

Bill Sadler
Proprietor, The Blue Agave

In a June 4 review ("Tapped Out"), the Press misstated that the Ensemble's program notes for The Tap Dance Kid did not name the production's director. Those notes did, in fact, name Eileen J. Morris.

In the May 7 preview "Duncan Hindsight," the photo should have been credited to Sharon Babbitt.

The Press regrets the errors.

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