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Hearts and Bottoms
I just read your article about this merger ["Tell It to the Boss," by Margaret Downing, June 18]. I have to say this: You are one kick-butt reporter. I really loved it, because you got to the heart of the problems. All I can say is, keep after this one and don't let go. Keep up the great work.

Name withheld by request
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Wilford is Wonderful
You really ought to get both sides of the story. I am a (non-management) employee who has worked for Memorial for over 20 years, and I was "shaken" when I read your article. It read like Big Brother has come in and attempted to control the lives and behavior of the staff of Hermann Hospital. Your writing is based on the views of a few disgruntled employees.

In contrast to your article, Memorial Hermann is a good place to work. Sure, there is a difference in corporate cultures. The Memorial side of the family does not manage by memorandum, as stated in the article.

A committee staffed by employees developed programs resulting in millions of dollars in savings and an increased level of patient care. The philosophy at Memorial Hermann is to treat others with the same dignity and respect you want to be treated with. Dan Wilford is cordial and caring. His door is always open to employees of the organization, regardless of their position in the company.

In the arena of spiritual health, not one question points to a specific God or spiritual power. Memorial Hermann is not only concerned with the physical aspect of care, but the spiritual aspect as well.

The questions on the survey are meant to make people more aware of the risk factors in their lives and give them an incentive to reduce them. [Critical illnesses and costs of them] not only affect the individual and their family but the society as a whole, through increased insurance premiums and higher taxes for everyone. If you would like to see a system that is working not only to heal the sick, but to keep the community from getting sick, take a second look.

Michael Hallaway
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Tibet Troubles
Those free-loading Tibetan swamis ["The A-List Buddhist," by Shaila Dewan, June 11] have no difficulty adapting to luxurious extended stays at an American swankienda. It is very sad to be invaded by China, which also inflicted much suffering on its own people during the Cultural Revolution, and other upheavals. Somehow, I wonder about the invisible 50 percent in Tibet, of whom these learned men make no mention in listing their sorrows. Do they procreate without women? Are women the economic backbone of their society, and hence unworthy of notice?

Edith D. Eisner
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Evolutionary Thoughts
I enjoyed Shaila Dewan's evenhanded article on society matron Gail Gross and her preoccupation with Eastern mystics. It is humbling to realize that Man has evolved over the past two million years from a primitive, thoughtless, small-brained humanoid to a point where the upper reaches of Houston society are now populated by women who have no brains whatsoever. Darwin himself could not have predicted this evolutionary twist.

John D. Griffith, MD

Add the Ensemble
I am sure it was just an oversight, but Bob Morgan's Big Five [Letters, June 25] should have been the Big Six. He neglected The Ensemble Theatre -- the Southwest's leading African-American theater -- whose productions are covered by local critics. The Houston theater scene is filled with worthy venues, and we are thankful for the coverage!

Margie Beegle, Marketing and PR
The Ensemble Theatre

Write on Target
I was lucky enough to see an advance free screening of Out of Sight, and loved it! I couldn't have written your write-up ["Leonard's Canny Charmer," by Michael Sragow, June 25] any better. Keep up the good work.

Lori Idoux
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Maybe You Scare Them
That picture of Bozo Porno Circus ["Houston Press Music Awards," June 25] frightens me. God bless the Hollisters.

Luke Giles

X-onerating the Files
Okay, I agree with you about most of your review ["X-Filer Fun," by Andy Klein, June 18]. Only two things really bugged me -- the two "plot holes" you point out toward the end: the earthquake and the clothes.

First, the earth quaked because Mulder's interference with the plumbing disturbed the alien craft buried below the ice. Second, Scully didn't have clothes on in the pod, she was wearing Mulder's parka and a pair of what seemed to be sweatpants that he, in all likelihood, brought with him. I don't usually take exception with reviews: After all, it's a free country; you know the spiel. Just wanted to point out that these aren't holes -- there's a reasonable explanation here. Thanks!

Letha Wicker
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