Houstonians must ask themselves: Do we want to live in a city entirely made up of little boxes made of ticky-tacky that all look just the same? I sure don't. There is much here in Houston worth saving, and we must fight to do it.

Mark C. Wilde
via Internet

Double Scoop
I was very excited to see Susie Kalil's review of the James Turrell show at the Contemporary Arts Museum ["Seeing the Light," July 2]. After I read it, I realized just how much I'd missed reading her writing. She is such a good, articulate and responsive reviewer. Houston is lucky to have her here.

Which is not to say that I have not enjoyed reading Shaila Dewan's art reviews. It seems like an unfair scoop that you got both of the best art writers in the city, but since you do, share them with us!

David Aylsworth
via Internet

A June 18 story, "Tell It to the Boss," should have said that the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System's employee insurance-enrollment form was 81 questions long, not 81 pages.

The Press regrets the error.

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