Glen Brooks
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High Impact
I beg to differ with the woman who wrote in ["Smuck the Muck," Letters, July 30] with regard to "Courtship, River Oaks Style," by George Flynn, July 16. I will agree on one count. Some of your articles I don't give a fuck about, but I still find them incredibly informative and always fascinating. Who can say that this week's articles ["An Open and Shut Case," by Steve McVicker, and "Mission Impossible," by Bob Burtman, July 30] do not have an impact on the city or the people in it? I suspect that Montgomery County law enforcement and their chicken-shit ways have an enormous effect on many. I love the Press and its knack for the offbeat and the obscure. If I want mainstream hype and hoopla, I will force myself to pick up the Houston Chronicle.

Libby Brew
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Critical of Critics
I am so bored with the jaded, pseudo-sophisticated wannabes the Press has for film critics, who use their reviews to massage their petulant little egos. Here's a novel idea: Why don't you try hiring people who actually like movies, and are willing to be entertained? Also, if you are going to provide a forum for every movie in town to be predictably trashed, at least take the trouble to list all of the movie theaters' schedules. Then I would be getting at least a little something useful out of your film section.

Carolyn Blake
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