Night & Day

September 10 - 16, 1998

Information: 527-6069.

September 16
Building sites and demolition piles are his treasure troves. Discarded materials from road renovation and urban growth are his inspiration. For the past ten years, Houston sculptor Joe Mancuso has worked with building materials such as wood, concrete, brick and paint as well as found objects and unwanted substances. Mancuso's goal is to make the common beautiful, to inspire viewers to appreciate the simplicity and harmony of the everyday. When we visited the installation in progress at the Glassell School, we saw little cow patties of concrete arranged in a perfect oval; it brought to mind star nebulae filling the orbit of a planet, or perhaps water lilies floating in a goldfish pond. His working-man medium evokes the image of artist as laborer and fabricator. If Stephen Keene (see Tuesday) is fast food, Mancuso is meat and potatoes. 9 a.m.10 p.m. (For other dates and times, see Art listings.) The Glassell School of Art, 5101 Montrose. 639-7500. Free.

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