Bright Blues

Ensemble entertains with a sexy, provocative production

Reynolds's arguments are not new, and they are hardly the last say on any of the questions he raises, but it isn't often that a play can be so openly polemical without being utterly boring. Certainly, some of the credit goes to the intelligent cast. Paul Menzel and Ellen Suits as Oz and Gabriella are thoroughly convincing as the arrogant but spineless artistic directors of the successful East Coast theater. Brooke Baumer as Claire, the visiting Brit theater owner, is perfectly sexy in that English I'm-so-cold-I-could-kill-you-in-bed sort of way. And Cheray Martin, as the young, passionate playwright Tracy, is sometimes thrilling to watch.

Playgoers may not agree with all that Reynolds wants to argue, but they know they've witnessed something powerful when it's over; most couples headed toward their cars in wildly heated debate.

Blues for an Alabama Sky runs through October 25 at the Ensemble Theatre, 3535 Main, 520-0055. $1225.

Stonewall Jackson's House runs through November 1 at Main Street Theater, 2540 Times, 524-6706.

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