" ... And those who think that neighborhood security is more than just an alarm system and a chocolate lab named Bear."

I am a longtime acquaintance of Brandon Jacob. He and his wife, Kelly, (DINKs) are Heights residents who drive an Isuzu Rodeo (SUV) and have an AKC chocolate lab named ... Bear.

Whether or not your comment was a direct reference to Mr. Jacobs or a very lucky coincidence (for me and several friends) is irrelevant. I feel I owe you a debt of thanks. We've all had wonderful fun these past few days mercilessly haranguing Brandon regarding his establishment as the archetypal "Heights Evil Yuppie." (A recent three-sentence e-mail response from Jacob contained a full nine occurrences of words appearing on George Carlin's famous list -- it's easy to picture blood vessels bursting as he typed.)

Thank you again for, although (probably) not intentionally, bringing those who know Brandon so much joy. If, in the future, you may need any adjectives to describe "Heights Evil Yuppie," may I suggest: Jersey transplant, gap-toothed, scale-model enthusiast, CPA or (my favorite) Gen-X Yuppie Deadhead Wannabe."

Brian Vincent
via Internet

Jackie Oh!
The recent article on Jackie Harris was very accurate and points out a major problem that exists in America today. There are thousands of people with her exact same mentality living in neighborhoods all over the country.

Their attitude is basically the same: I make the rules, and if you don't go along with my game plan, I'll kick your rebellious ass outta here! There is clearly only one thing these types understand, and that is brute force and graphic violence! The problem is, no one in this country has the guts to stand up to white-elitist-racist smart-asses like Harris, who obviously has taken it upon herself to decide how the rest of us will act, think, dress and speak!

Scott Jern

Right On, Jackie
If every neighborhood had a Jackie Harris, we would be living in paradise. Keep up the good work.

Bill Buie
via Internet

Best of Worst
The annual Best of Houston [September 24] edition is one of the major reasons that the Press is not considered a real newspaper. Who thinks up these crappy categories, anyway? And who cares? Why don't you stick to your regular format? It works, and think of all the trees you'll save by not publishing this toady tome.

Rock Owens
via Internet

Editor's note: Owens, incidentally, was not among the winners.

Lost and Found
I think you guys are doing a great job. Until I picked up the Press, I was lost to so many things happening in Houston. Your journalists love to push people's buttons, and I think that makes people take action. Keep up the good work. This is the best alternative publishing entity I have ever come across. And it's free!

Ethiopia Hattix
via Internet

Mau-Mau Matter
The term for the job your article ["Rogue Elephant," by Stuart Eskenazi, September 3] did on the Log Cabin Republicans would be "Mau-mauing the flak-catchers." On the one side, members of my political club are fighting against the virulent homophobia of our own party's leadership. On the side of the Houston Press's Eskenazi are people afraid to leave a ghetto and fight for civil rights.

Our organization was shut out of the state convention because we actively object to discrimination against lesbians and gay people. The attitude that I've found in the Log Cabin Republicans isn't arrogance or self-congratulations but, in fact, courage. We are directly opposing the evil or prejudice where it lies.

Alfred Molison

Folding the Tent
Speaking as a white female Christian Republican, I was disappointed that the Log Cabin Republicans were not allowed a table at the recent state GOP Convention, at which I was a delegate. I learned that the party that had supposedly "opened its tent" to all people was using the same inflammatory rhetoric against gays, abortion and whatever pisses off the religious right. As a young GOPer, I'm hoping the dinosaurs die off quickly so we can take over and show Americans that the Democrats are not so sympathetic to causes, unless of course it's an election year.

Rhonda Omberg
via Internet

Cabin Crusade
From the very first paragraph, the article I read was biased against Log Cabin. We are not being led blindly and foolishly down any path, but are attempting to lead others (moderates and reasonable conservatives) out of the closet to reclaim their party.

We are the only group around with any balls to do that in today's environment of religious-right domination of party politics. We should be commended for being there, not condemned because we are there.

We keep getting maliciously backstabbed by people who should be friendly and supportive of our deeds, by press that should be reporting fairly what they saw and not be slanting their stories with an approach that used to be called yellow journalism.

I'm sorry Eskenazi missed the story and saw only what he wanted to see.
Gary J. Van Ooteghem
President of Houston Chapter
Log Cabin Republicans, Houston
via Internet

Bigotry by the LCR
I generally applaud Stuart Eskenazi's expose of the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas. Eskenazi showed them to be the cadre of delusional, greed-infected misanthropes that a significant percentage of sexual and gender minorities have long known them to be.

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