Getting the Picture

Winter Street Art Center focuses on photo-based art

Charles Mary Kubricht's grid of lushly painted acrylic-on-wood panels simultaneously construct and deconstruct photographic frames of a woodland lake, much like a perceptual puzzle. The work doesn't differentiate between the whole and its parts -- the two are inseparable. Each loosely brushed panel gathers the spheres of sensation, intuition and feeling into haunting poetry.

Equally ambitious is the 19-panel photogram directed by Osamu James Nakagawa which features work by Lamar University design students. Draped from ceiling to floor, Cosmic Dream seemingly implodes with luminous silhouettes of bodies, butterflies, strings of pearls, hats and all sorts of mundane objects, as well as galactic symbols free-falling in space.

All in all, "Blurred Boundaries" offers viewers a chance to think about the possibilities of artmaking. More importantly, it contains the whispered promise of an enduring and devoted support of art in Houston, by both its arts organizations and the community at large.

"Blurred Boundaries" will be on view through November 9 at Winter Street Art Center, 2123 Winter Street, 861-3782.

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