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Pregnancy Centers
In the Judge John Devine article ["Insider," by Tim Fleck, October 22] you wrote: "According to [Planned Parenthood's Susan] Nenny, the [pregnancy] centers' staffs have used tactics such as delaying pregnancy-test results, locking clients in a room and forcing them to watch graphic antiabortion videos, and breaching confidentiality by contacting women's families to try to stop abortions." Did the centers that Devine contributed to engage in these activities? Or are you speaking about antiabortion centers in general?

Chris Branson
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Editor's note: The reference was to the entire chain of Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Public/Private Pasts
While I think Fleck's article on "Castles for Welfare Kings" ["Insider," October 15] is the sort of reminder that we all need, I am left with some questions:

The verbiage "mandated by City Council" leaves the impression that Council somehow took the initiative -- a conclusion that is doubtful given (then) Mayor Bob's control. Still, how did this get by City Council? Who was sitting then that is sitting now? And when are they up for re-election?

Where was the Press, the Chronicle or the general public when this deal was going down? Were we all asleep at the switch?

In broader, more historical terms, how does this event compare to the traditional "private/public" partnerships that have played a role in Houston's growth? My limited grasp of local history suggests that Jesse Jones did his share of arm-twisting when it came to getting local bankers to support the bonds necessary to improve the Ship Channel. How civic-minded were those guys, really? To what degree is this lining of someone's pockets a more recent phenomenon? The answers might add perspective to the current situation.

John Borrowman
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Come Slither
Kudos for your recent article on a true villain and scoundrel! ["Making a Killing," by Steve McVicker, October 22.] I was familiar with the Wanstrath case from the excellent novel, The Cop Who Wouldn't Quit, and the persistent and tenacious pursuit by Johnny Bonds to bring the perpetrators to justice despite the bungling disposition of the coroner's office. It was gratifying to hear that Duff-Smith had received just punishment, and that Janecka's is pending! Just as horrifying, however, was finding out Walt Waldhauser Jr. had slithered through the cracks like the slime that he is, and that he is still a threat! Hopefully Bruce Marshall and Bonds will be a thorn in his hide for the rest of his life.

William T. Ocel
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Eternal Bonds
Great job, Steve McVicker. I'm glad Johnny Bonds is as interested in Walt/Mike as he was when Rick Nelson wrote the book on the case. I hope your friends at the Dallas Observer send a copy to the Dallas copshop.

Jerry Laws
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Endorse Remorse?
When the story of [Judge] Annette Galik's long-term affair with a married doctor broke in the Houston Press ["No, No, Annette," by Tim Fleck, October 1], I told a friend of mine that the Chronicle would not publish this information and would go on to endorse Galik in the general election. My prediction came true.

I suppose that the Chronicle might overlook its own stories on Judge Galik's campaign contributions from gambling casinos, but is it now arguing that having an adulteress as judge of the family court is a good thing? What's next, an endorsement by the Chronicle of convicted criminals for criminal court judgeships? Imagine the special insight they could bring to the bench.

When that newspaper bought out the Post, it moved from being incompetent to outright evil. This is only one example of many. A city of three million relies on one newspaper to shed light on goings-on in city and county government, and that newspaper is corrupt beyond measure.

I am not a fool. I know that someone at the Chronicle will chuckle upon reading this letter and then cast this into a wastebasket, perhaps not even pausing for a moment to reflect on what it is like to work for a totally base and corrupt business that has betrayed the public trust.

James A. Gieseke

Change of Heart
Thank you for your article about Annette Galik. I have been an excited promoter of hers in past elections, and I would've endorsed her and voted for her again if it hadn't been for the Houston Press article exposing her as Houston's own Bill Clinton.

Likewise, as a Chronicle reader, I'm dismayed to discover how unreliable their local reporting is, and I plan to share their failure with other subscribers.

C.L. Hinkle
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Bright Site
I have three sites on Houston in my "Favorite Sites": Houston Chronicle, Sidewalk and Houston Press. The Houston Press is simply the best in providing a guide to everything in Houston. I used to go to the other two sites first, but no more. I often find in the Houston Press what I could not find in the other two sites. Keep up the good work.

James Piao
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Singing Praises
The Gay Men's Chorus of Houston is humbled and grateful to be named "Best Community Chorus" in the 1998 Best of Houston issue [September 24].

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