Our musical message is that we all are fundamentally alike in more ways than not, and that every person has inherent dignity and worth.

Our artistry was commended by our invited performances with the Houston Symphony and its chorus last spring. Thank you for honoring our broader efforts.

Rex Gillit
President, Gay Men's Chorus of Houston

Mary's Not Merry
Crossroads Market was chosen as the best people-watching location. I don't agree, but beyond that, the article proceeded to trash an institution that I cherish and to state outright misinformation.

Specifically, your article stated that Mary's and the Boobie Rock were in a competition for bad taste for decades, and you trashed the front-window art at Mary's.

Texas Monthly ran a double-page spread of Mary's front window and roof showing the annual community Christmas tree decorations, and the mural on the east side of Mary's was recently judged in the top ten murals in Houston. I feel that the Houston Press owes this institution an apology.

Benjamin Wilson Jr.
via Internet

Mies and Marzio
Thank you for the "Best of Houston" kudos -- it was a deep pleasure to see our reinstallation of the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion noted and praised.

However, I would like to take issue with your comment on Peter Marzio's negligible appreciation for contemporary art. Dr. Marzio has enthusiastically supported every aspect of the Twentieth Century Department's engagement in the contemporary arts. In the past year alone, he was responsible for bringing The 1/4 Mile or Two Furlong Piece to Houston, for acquiring works by significant artists and for guiding the staff in our rethinking of the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion.

Alison de Lima Greene
Curator, Museum TK

Duck and Cover
There was no Best of Houston category titled "The Best Place to Go Shooting," which is odd considering that American Shooting Centers is one of the best in the United States. I am shocked!, shocked! to discover milquetoast liberals in the alternative press!

Jay Bute
via Internet

Relish the Thought
Thank you! Mille grazie! Thank you!
We appreciate your naming us Best Burger Joint and loving our Burger No. 1. We work very hard to serve the best fresh goods to our customers, and it means a bunch to us to be recognized.

Thank you!
Frankie B. Mandola

Must Have Been the Margaritas
In our October 29 Cafe review ("Of Time and Tila's," by Margaret Briggs), we misstated the proprietor's name; it is Tila Hidalgo Leach.

The review also wrongly stated that the first Tila's closed after the restaurant burned. According to a spokesman for the 616 Westheimer Corporation, which now owns the building, its windowsills were blackened by fungus, not fire.

Furthermore, Tila Hidalgo Leach tells us that her margaritas never included the gentle splash of orange juice that our reviewer remembered, nor is there now a touch of cumin in the black-bean soup. Cumin, she says with disdain, is a Tex-Mex spice and isn't allowed in her kitchen.

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