And Then There Were Two

Both Willie D and Scarface assert that Bushwick's loss doesn't affect the album one damn bit.

"No, he ain't ever helped out on no album," Willie D says. "No, it's always been Scarface and me, man. We've always did the creative stuff on the albums. It's always been Scarface and me that have wrote every Geto Boys song. Bushwick came in and picked up a tape and learned his part."

For a while there, it looked like Scarface wouldn't be coming back for another go-round. The rapper, who launched the Interface label a while back, once said that it would take "a lot of money" for him to get back in the studio and endure the whole Geto Boys thang. But he did.

"The Geto Boys started Scarface, Willie D, Rap-A-Lot and all that shit," Scarface explains. "I had to go back to it. The Geto Boys put it together, man. But next year, man, I'm telling you, I'm through with it. I'm telling you, man. They gonna have to give me a lot of money."

In regard to the album's content, Willie D confirms that the structure the Boys follow is like making a movie. "And just like when a person does a movie, everything in the movie is not: 'Let's take a movie like GoodFellas that has a lot of killing. Or take a movie like Casino which has a lot of killing.' Every movie has different aspects to it. It's not just one thing. It's not just killing. It's always some other messages in it.

"We don't do an album and say, uh, let's kill a hundred people. You know what I mean? We always gonna give people something to think about. And that's our main thing we try to do on every single album -- to make people think. Think, think, think!"

While Willie D takes the noble route with his motives, Scarface wants everyone to know that, even if it all ends tomorrow, when he was a Geto Boy, he was having fun. "I want 'em to take with them the memory that the muthafuckas jammed, man," Scarface exclaims. "They just had a good time, man. They did eight records, man, and that was it. They had a blast, man.

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