I am shocked that Fleck seems to think that it is somehow racist to criticize the public actions and views of a minority elected official.

The fact that the Pacifica station runs commentaries by Mumia Abu-Jamal was cited in our story as just one example of their left-wing bias. In any case, my piece did not even mention that Abu-Jamal was African-American, since the point was that Pacifica was rewarding a convicted cop-killer. His race is irrelevant.

Finally, Fleck approaches logical absurdity when he accuses the Review of hypocrisy for criticizing the federal grants given to Pacifica because we are applying for nonprofit status. Obtaining nonprofit status is enormously different from receiving a $1 million subsidy from the federal government.

Marc Levin
Publisher & Editor, Houston Review
via Internet

Notes From a Native Son
Great article on South Houston's screwball politics ["Under Siege," by Shaila Dewan, November 12]. It's too bad more citizens in South Houston, the little town where I grew up, aren't informed and involved where city politics is concerned. Perhaps if they were more informed, they could support and defend people like Mayor Romero, who seems to have the best interests of the city at heart. Good luck to Mr. Romero. Politics needs more people like him.

Whipping Boy is right. Even the Press misspelled his name on the cover!
Sara J. Barnard

A Deep Pitt?
I have to disagree with your opinions on the movie Meet Joe Black ["Irregular Joe," by Jean Oppenheimer, November 12]. I think you failed to see the depth of feeling portrayed. I do agree that parts were slow, and Joe's knowledge of the present world was inconsistent. However, Hollywood usually works that way. I advise you to see the movie again, with an open mind, and to look deeper into the father/daughter relationship and the mystery and sensuality of the love that develops between Susan and Joe.

Terri Brown
via Internet

Roles and Parts
Whoever wrote the review for the movie Belly [Film Capsules, by Craig D. Lindsey, November 5] is a sexist pig. The reason why I say this is because when describing the movie he says "... a Jamaican druglord with an accent as thick as Jennifer Lopez's ass ...." This is sexist and demeaning and disrespectful to women. Where do you get off tearing women apart body part by body part and marginalizing them? It is so sad that in 1998 women are still reduced to body parts and deemed as sexual toys. As if they were not people but merely objects here for men's pleasure. You insensitive pig; next time think before you write, because women read the Houston Press, too.

Michelle McGuire
via Internet

Overnight Sensation
The next time you review a night club ["Best of Houston," September 24], try sending someone who knows what he/she is talking about. In the best salsa/latin club category, your staff writes of Crystal Nite Club that "there are some nights, such as Friday, where the DJ needs to work on his clave -- his selection of salsa isn't too impressive." You write that "the place redeems itself" the next day.

I inform you that the selection of music played both nights is awesome and in fact, it is the same DJ (El Bacan) on both nights who is responsible. You cannot find a better DJ in Houston for salsa and merengue.

Name withheld by request
via Internet

Fresh Fodder
The problem has to do with your weekly capsule comments concerning area restaurants. Some of these reviews have not changed in years while chefs and styles have come and gone. It seems so rare to see a star indicating a new review. And please, please, retire the long worn-out and overused "see and be seen." See and be seen in New York or L.A., most definitely. See and be seen in Houston? I don't think so.

Bruce Williams

Wipe Out
I find it a little hard to believe that Hobart Rowland could write 59 sentences about the Missiles and get it in print ["No Respect," September 24]. Can you even spell journalistic integrity?

For more than a decade, I've loved every second of every show the Missiles played. It was certainly a nice alternative to the rote lyrics of the bands that assumed they knew the plight of a twentysomething, college-graduate, career-oriented woman. Or maybe the Missiles were just cute.

God forbid I should hail from the suburbs and actually enjoy and perhaps thrive on the clever songwriting and hip-shaking groove tunes of this band! And if we all got drunk, had a blast and did things we possibly would live to regret, well, that's just the way it goes.

Personally, I feel cheated that this louse can publish this crap without even one opinion to the contrary. And frankly, "I wouldn't wipe my ass with this rag."

Suzanne Sutphin Stehr

Fond Farewell
Hi Hobart; great goodbye article. We're going to miss you. I want to thank you for the great article you wrote on me in 1995, when I released my debut CD.

Morgan Bouldin
via Internet

And Goodbye Kiss
Now that Hobart Rowland has left town for good, the Houston music scene should start to prosper again. Sunset Heights has been in business for almost ten years now, and we've toured Europe and sold over 10,000 albums in the process. All this was done without the help of Hobart Rowland. He has been the biggest "trash writer" in the city. He constantly wrote negative things about people who were becoming successful in their hometown.

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