For once it is nice to see a paper that gives the facts and doesn't take sides on the whole "is Korn good for our youth?" debate that everyone seems to be having. If people took the time to step out of themselves for a few minutes and try and understand exactly what Jonathan Davis is writing about, they would be able to understand it more.

Juli Connors
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Korn Is King
As soon as I heard Korn in 1994, I went and bought their CD. The whole fucking CD rocked, and I could really feel where they were coming from. At first everybody made fun of me for listening to them, but now I have everybody hooked. For the people out there who think their music is too vulgar -- bullshit.

Dave Pearson
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Bring in the Clowns
I just read the Bozo Porno Circus article ["Smut Circus," by David Simutis, October 29], and it was just great.

Actually, I attended the Vampire Ball at Numbers. The show was awesome, even though I just went without knowing that a concert of three bands was going to take place. It wasn't until the second band finished playing when I actually knew that Bozo Porno Circus was about to play.

Mario Puac
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Marvelous Music
The movie Velvet Goldmine was terrific ["Glam-rock Goldmine," by Keven McAlester, November 5]. I totally disagree with you that there was too much music. For one thing, the music on the soundtrack is actually recorded by various members of musicians influenced by this era in music. For example, the soundtrack's musicians include members/ex-members of Stooges, Sonic Youth, Radiohead, Suede, Roxy Music, Mudhoney, Firehose, etc. These musicians performed many covers from that era. Makes perfect sense!

Julie Luther
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