Jessica Dailey
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Good Humor Man
Your reviewer ["Rushmore or Less," by Michael Sragow, February 4] must not have a sense of humor -- the script for Rushmore was one of the funniest that has come around in a long while. I strongly disagree with the review.

Scott Rocher
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Jingo All the Way
In his Rushmore review, Michael Sragow says, "Watching Murray try to ground this jejune fantasy is like watching Keith Olberman maintain his intellectual stamina when he covered the Starr investigation for The Big Show and White House in Crisis on MSNBC."

Jesus. If the Houston Press must use pretentious, humorless movie reviewers, can't it at least use local pretentious, humorless reviewers instead of syndicated ones?

Robert Mahas

Cinema Tricks
Very rarely do I get the privilege to read such a concise review. I hope for my sake that Rushmore is not as shallow as you report, considering the fact that I have been anxiously awaiting its release in Houston. Bottle Rocket did not inspire me, but it made me appreciate the specks of fantasy in life that we sometimes overlook. Anyway, I believe that if every reviewer were so analytical and comprehensive, the rest of the nation might not be so easily fooled by the tricks of modern films.

Elye E. Olson
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Concise Critique
Regarding the Houston Choreographers X 6 review ["Past Imperfect," by Lauren Kern, February 11]:

Right on!
Carol Laufer
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We misspelled the word beladi -- a term referring to a form of Middle Eastern dance -- in the "Classes and Workshops" section of the Calendar. We regret the error.

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