My only concern about this case is that Alex is using a belief in Communism/socialism to fight for democratic rights. In a Communist country such as China or Cuba, Alex would not be able to use the law and human rights to save him. The first time he smarts off to someone in authority there, it's off to prison or they put a bullet in his brain right then.

Alex's favorite band lyric -- Rage Against the Machine's "Fuck you, I won't do what you told me!" -- is not just an antiauthority anthem for rebel teens. It opposes everything Alex believes in when it comes to Communism. The band works to fight political and creative mind control in Communist countries. Free Tibet!

Jessica Dailey
via Internet

Humble PI
Regarding your story on the arrest of Alex Golubitsky, I think it totally stinks that a student (or anyone for that matter) can be arrested for not breaking the law. The officer either does not know his laws very well or did it just to harass Alex. In either case, the officer should be reprimanded and someone (city or school) should be forced to reimburse the family for the money spent.

About a year ago I was pulled from a car (I was a passenger) and arrested. When I asked the officer why, he simply stated PI [public intoxication]. I responded that I had not had a single drink, and he said, "Who do you think the judge will believe, me or you?" He was basically admitting that he was just arresting me to harass me, but what was I going to do about it?

I spent the night in jail and filed a complaint with Metro Police internal affairs. Surprise! They found no wrongdoing.

Name withheld by request
via Internet

Color of Authority
The ordeal faced by Lamar High School student Alex Golubitsky raises troubling questions about the Constitution's guarantees against unreasonable searches and prohibitions on government officials' retaliating against outspoken individuals.

Golubitsky's parents should be lauded for assisting their son in appealing his suspension. State and federal law enforcement officials should investigate administrators for possible criminal conspiracy and oppression under color of authority.

One need not agree with Golubitsky's views nor approve of his past conduct to feel outrage over the injustice perpetrated against him. It is refreshing to learn of a young person who is not afraid to publicly express radical left-wing views in Houston's oppressively right-wing political environment.

As he matures, his intelligence, wit and social consciousness should enable him to become a productive citizen. His adversaries should not be permitted to permanently brand him with a felony arrest record based on a false premise.

Daniel Adams

Riled over Reiki
These people who want to regulate the fee charged for elevating a Reiki practitioner to master are trying to control and keep the field elitist [Insider, by Tim Fleck, January 14]. I am a Reiki III (master). If I had had to pay $10,000, it would not have been possible. We are a single-income military family. I stay home to raise my children.

According to these people, since I do not have the huge sum they request, then obviously I am not the "right kind of person" to practice Reiki. That is about as far from the concept of Reiki as one can get. I thank God that I do not live in Texas. But if this legislation passes, then Florida might be next, eh? Pretty scary.

Adrienne Fischer
Satellite Beach, Florida

Way-out Reiki
I must admit that one of the catch phrases in your article raised my blood pressure just a bit (Reiki masters wanting to apply their "special killing touch" to the bill). But overall you produced a very balanced article, and I commend you for seeking out someone as qualified to speak for the larger Reiki community as Emily Laurel.

I am a 53-year-old high-tech trainer with a large manufacturing company in Austin. I recently took Reiki I training over the Internet from someone whom I highly respect.

I find it interesting how tidbits of far-out, unbelievable stuff are sprinkled here and there in some Reiki material. A case in point is the material you cited about the White Brotherhood and seven emerald rays. In a Reiki book -- one that is quite good for the most part -- the author explains her belief that we are descended from space aliens! This really turned me off.

But I decided that I didn't have to agree with every belief of an individual in order to read her book and possibly benefit from it. What I am suggesting is: Don't let stupid stuff like emerald rays keep you from exploring the subject with an open mind.

Again, thanks for your well-rounded article, and keep up the great work.
Donald Smith
via Internet

On to Emerald Rays
As a Reiki master teacher, I am appalled at the state's trying to regulate a Spiritual Energy Modality that comes from God! Especially since its very core essence is based upon spirituality.

It would take a vast amount of money to retrain with a member of Reiki Alliance or Reiki Touch just to become registered by the state. That would drive many Reiki masters and practitioners from their benevolent work and invalidate the energy that God has given to us to help mankind spiritually. Why would the state wish to put itself in this kind of situation when there is no clear propensity to do so?

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