Ted R. Williams
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It's great to see someone in Houston giving Local H the press and credit it deserves [Music, February 18]. Bands such as Local H, Fig Dish and Triple Fast Action are keeping rock from getting stale in these days of Third Eye Blind and Matchbox 20.

D.A. Cobb
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Sounds of Slumber
Regarding Craig Lindsey's review of DJ Spooky's CD [Rotation, November 5]: Somebody better tell Lindsey to go back to sleeping at Hootie and the Blowfish concerts. That there ex-per-i-mental music done got Craig confused. If we're all lucky, the electronic scene will breathe some life into the currently stagnant U.S. music scene.

Craig, more music for you to get confused by: Meat Beat Manifesto, Adam F, Neotropic, EAR, Mouse on Mars, Photek, Tomorrowland.

Jay Brunker
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Foolish Pride
Craig Lindsey, I thought it was a very shitty write-up on us ["Devil Inside," August 20]. You are a critic, and it shows. If you are ever to have the pleasure of doing a write-up on any of my future bands, I will review it before your ass would put it into public and make us look like fools!

Charles Dean, former Mean Peace drummer
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Because of a production error, the byline inadvertently was left off from our March 11 Night &Day story "That's Some Self-help." The author was Vanessa Curto.

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