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Hey, they're just doing their job, Jeff.
The award for Least Editorial Content Possible among these publications goes to Male Ego, which somehow bills itself in a press release as offering "Verbage with Style," providing "the only unique citywide magazine serving the interest of fashionable men to the fullest." (Unlike all those other unique citywide magazines.)

The award for Most Editorial Content Possible, Although We Wish They'd Cut Back goes to Controversy Magazine. There are health tips and fashion layouts and photos of luxury cars, but there's a slightly strange tilt to the whole thing.

It's owned by two former NFL players, Patrick Bates and Derrick "L.A." Frazier. Together they bring all the sensitivity and taste that you'd expect from a pair of A&M jocks. The March-April issue included this letter, allegedly sent to the magazine's sex columnist, "Dr. Wendy Westheimer": "I am a thirtysomething professional woman. I am told that I am very attractive and I am slightly overweight. I have noticed a foul smell coming from my vagina for a while now and hope that you might have some tips on how to alleviate that." (It was signed "Stinky in Downtown Houston.")

Just to drive home the point, the same edition's "Inner Thoughts of a Man" asked men what their biggest turnoffs were. Number One, from "Paul, 27, an engineer": bad breath. "If a woman lets her breath stink, you wonder what else may smell on her."

Oh well. Joseph Pulitzer used his newspapers to start the Spanish-American War. CV has obviously picked a different cause.

We Won!
The March 23 Chronicle ran an Associated Press story headlined "Chronicle Among Honorees at Annual TDNA Meeting." The lead noted that "Two publishers and four Texas newspapers, including the Houston Chronicle, were honored at the annual meeting of the Texas Daily Newspaper Association on Monday."

A Lubbock publisher won for service to the community, and a couple of Dallas Morning News staffers won awards.

But Houston's Leading Information Source was not to be denied. "The Chronicle and three other daily newspapers," the story proudly noted, "won Bright Idea awards ... for the best self-promotions appearing during the previous calendar year."

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