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Concrete Solution
I read with great interest the letter titled "Running Off" [Letters, March 4] regarding Brian Wallstin's story ["Inner-city Shoot-Out," February 4].

A February 16 civic forum sponsored by the Rice Design Alliance was an excellent awakening for me regarding what is going on in my neighborhood. I was deeply offended by Robert Litke, city director of planning and development. When asked about permeability (the runoff of rain water), he said something like that he grew up playing stickball in the streets of New York and, in doing so, developed a real fondness for concrete. In fact, he liked it better than grass!

He also made a remark about the lack of or little permeability (storm runoff) that we were getting -- take it or leave it. In short, my interpretation was tough s--! I was offended by him, and I find it appalling that this man seems to be making plans for our (my) hometown with reckless disregard to its past, present and future. Thanks for the great story and the forum you offer with the letters!

Judy Kugle
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Burn the Negatives
I thought the "City Pork Project" article [by Brian Wallstin, March 11] was an unfair hatchet job.

The fact that a major thoroughfare will be extended earlier than the City of Houston otherwise planned does not rise to the level of even a minor conspiracy, and it does not warrant the negative tone of the article or the negative comments about the developer. Mr. Wallstin's technique of finding a strident tax protester and writing down his most negative comments is not balanced journalism.

I know from first-hand experience that the developer's attorney, Mr. Rackleff, is a very honest and capable lawyer who is genuinely concerned about ethics and helping developers build projects which are beneficial to the community. Mr. Rackleff attended a community meeting and voluntarily answered questions from an "angry mob" of residents. This should have been commended and not attacked. Positive comments about the development from residents should also have been included in the article.

Jeff Gilman

Brian Wallstin responds: I was at the February 24 community meeting (and even watched a videotape of it later) and did not see Mr. Gilman in attendance. At the meeting, Rackleff read a statement written by client Greg Baxter, then he announced that he would not be taking questions. And he didn't. Baxter may have found that "commendable." Everyone else thought it was a waste of time.

Bad Spell
As long as you are going to make a regular feature out of attacking Neal Rackleff, the very least you could do is pay him the courtesy of spelling his name correctly! His first name is Neal, not Neil (as you have reported on at least two occasions).

At least you avoided the obvious blooper of referring to him as Ratliff or Ratcliff or Raglaff or half a dozen other common misspellings he has had to contend with.

Dave Green
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In the Hunt
In the article "Biggest Game in Town" [by Brad Tyer, February 11], you stated that there were no "good guys." You have chosen to judge these people on the basis of good or bad, when you have no idea who they are.

Granted, I as a mother would never have allowed my children to go off hunting a tiger. But maybe these people were a little excited about an escaped tiger. It's Cut and Shoot, and I'm sure not a lot happens there. The only clear-cut "bad guy" would be the parole officer, who sounds like a real bitch!

The clear victims, of course, were the tigers. I wish they had used tranquilizer guns as opposed to shotguns, but then I wasn't there, and neither were my children.

Angela Crary
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That's the Gospel
A word of warning to Lone Star Spirits ["Kindred Spirits," by Wendy Grossman, March 4]. All departed spirits of men are in either Heaven or Hell. The only spirits outside flesh bodies on Earth are the Holy Ghost, angels and demons.

What you guys are encountering are demons. I know it's not "politically correct" to say this, but the Spirit realm is very real and not to be played with. If you continue seeking these manifestations, you will be destroyed and end up in a very real place called Hell. You have been warned.

You wanna see a ghost? Seek the Holy Ghost.
Greg Babineaux

Pick Me Up
I am not sure which of the articles in the March 11 Press I enjoyed the most. Your News Hostage column is the reason I started picking it back up again.

Tom Tuttle
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Those Demons at Play?
Great article [Insider, by Tim Fleck, February 25]! Thank you for printing an accurate account of the trial that fate had deemed was never going to end, but, as fate is often fickle, it did. It was amazing to see the most honest of therapists, doctors and administrators, as well as the most dedicated of individuals, be indicted by a Houston grand jury.

By the time the trial ended, none of the government trial witnesses admitted going before the grand jury. One wonders where the government got its information to pursue such an indictment. Perhaps it came from plaintiffs' attorneys callously eager for us to be imprisoned so that their nests could be feathered with yet more malpractice suits against caring, compassionate and competent health-care providers!

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