News Hostage

But there's little visual juice in correcting an accounting error. So we really got to know this 46-year-old widow.

We saw her sewing something as she sat on the couch, apparently to confirm that she worked as a seamstress.

We heard about her three failed dates: the first with a "trucker who was rarely in town" (accompanying video showed, for no known reason, ominous black-and-white footage of a semi tailgating a car); the second man "preferred younger women" (the video showed, for obvious reasons, a dancer at a gentlemen's club); the third "had no phone and couldn't call" (footage somewhat incongruously showed an anonymous hand picking up the woman's French Provincial phone).

We thought by this point that we had learned enough about this woman, but that's probably why we're not cut out to be a Defender. There was a question that remained yet unasked, a mystery about this entire string of events that needed to be resolved.

Faxas, fortunately, was the one to do it. She quizzed the forlorn, dateless, creditor-hounded widow about just what her late husband would have thought of all this.

"It would probably break his heart," she answered.
We're guessing she's right. We just hope the guy would understand the Defenders were simply doing their job.

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