Winning in the Worst Way

Rock Knapp transformed little Northwest Academy from gridiron patsy to playoff powerhouse. So why are some parents calling for his head?

Houston Christian's new headmaster, Steven Livingston, says procedures are now in place to make sure the school fully complies with TAPPS regulations. School staff is now forbidden to accept personal gifts from school supporters, he says.

The allegations are only rumor and innuendo, Bracewell says, so there is full support for Knapp.

"Do we have a rogue elephant on staff that the current board and headmaster are kinda winking at?" asks Bracewell. "No, we don't. Has there been one in the past? Gee, maybe, we don't know. We've heard all this stuff."

To the observation that the same elephant is still athletic director, Bracewell replies, "It's the same elephant. But its a new board, and a new headmaster, and he ain't behaving that way now."

TAPPS Director Ed Burleson says his association relies on member schools to police themselves, but that after Houston Christian is finished examining Knapp's conduct, TAPPS may have some questions.

Becky Phillips, whose son David is now at Second Baptist, figures it's just business as usual with a hear-no-evil, see-no-evil school administration.

"It's a Christian school," she concludes. "They should have been held to higher standards. We rear our children that way. The evidence was there, and they chose to just sweep it under the rug."

Detra Gobert, whose son Keith remains devoted to Coach Knapp, sees the Northwest Academy saga as a case of misplaced priorities.

"I think there are some great things about that school," says Gobert, "but I believe that Coach Knapp at some point lost sight and wanted to win so bad that that was what was important.... Winning became more important than honesty and anything else."

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Knapp has travelled all over the USA, coaching for 2 or 3 years at a dozen 'Christian" schools, talking the talk and definitely helping the football teams achieve wins.  However, in his latter years in Florida and Georgia, he represented himself as having won "Nine State Championships in Six States" which is completely FALSE and a LIE.  He won two State titles in 8-Man football, in 1980 and 1990 and the rest of the time he did well but did not win another State Title.  The man is a LIAR and the TRUTH is not in him.  However, he possesses the ability to fool the faithful and contiues to this day to find stupid people who are all to ready to believe every word he says.

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