We only want to hear his old songs and hope he sticks with the past. If his tickets were $100 and he played 200 concerts a year, they would all be sold out.

Nancy Auth
via Internet

How's That Again?
How dare you be so negative about George Strait. I think you should listen to fans of his latest music. You definitely need a hearing aid. I'm over 50, so this is not some young kid telling you. This is some of the best work George has done. But then, he can't do a bad song.

Audrene Cook
via Internet

In Craig D. Lindsey's list of funk masters [Playbill, April 15], he mentions P-Funk, Lakeside, Cameo, Brick, Slave, LTD, The Fatback Band, Bootsy and Ohio Players.

We can barely remember hearing a few of these bands, but don't Sly and James Brown belong on the list?

Nick Cooper and Jeff Nunnally
via Internet

Beach Nut
Pretty good article on the Beach Boys ["Beach Gents," by Paul J. MacArthur, April 15]. I hope that Brian and Al get back with the group. I would die for that. Or that they would at least get together to do some albums. Since Carl's death there is a void that will be hard to fill. Was at Brian's concert in Chicago; it was very good. I was impressed.

Dave Sheedy
via Internet

Surfing Safari
As an NPR news reporter and a Beach Boys freak, thanks for the in-depth, logical review of the Beach Boys and their various forthcoming tours.

These days so many things are taken at face value. Thanks for breaking the mold and for being original on your reporting, not just duplicating someone else's efforts.

Leon Lively
via Internet

Ra Rah
Thanks for the excellent article on Marshall Allen and the Sun Ra Arkestra ["A Jazz Odyssey," by David Wilcox, April 8]. A nice introduction to Ra for those who don't know of him and an informative and pleasing article for those of us who do.

Sam Byrd
via Internet

Jazzed Up
Very informative article about Marshall Allen. It really conveys the spirit of the music.

Pedro Moreno
via Internet

The Finnish Line
I was just wondering, does Anthony Mariani have a personal grudge against Buckcherry [Rotation, February 25]? His review of its CD seemed to ooze a huge, deep-seated resentment toward the band. So they are blatant Kiss ripoffs and Kiss lawyers will sue any minute now? How come Kiss had Buckcherry as a special guest on its recent European tour?

I personally had my first contact with Buckcherry at its show with Kiss right here in Finland.

The "Lit Up" riff is a pretty straightforward lift from "Cold Gin," but the Buckcherry CD has some of the most energetic and contagious music I've heard.

Tommi Takku
Tampere, Finland

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