I have no interest in making "background" music -- leave that to the cover bands on Richmond. Here we were trying to bring our art to a community of art types who we thought might appreciate it, and all we got was heckling.

One yahoo in the back yelled, "Play a song!" That's the equivalent of yelling "Neil Simon!" in the middle of an Ionesco play or telling Rothko to paint a landscape.

If people had told Ionesco to write more like Neil Simon or Rothko to paint something I'd wanna hang over my couch, they may have never reached a little farther and tried something new. It seems to me all these open-minded types are pretty close-minded about what they're open-minded about. Not all hipsters are bitter, but the ones at No tsu oH sure left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Mike Switzer
Hawthorne Improv Collective
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Don't Be Late
In response to Mr. Gilbert's letter ["Manual Labor Waste," May 6], I want to let him know HISD's board meetings are the third Thursday of every month, (May 20 this month), at 2 p.m., and are open to the public.

By calling at least one day ahead to HISD Board Services (713)892-6121], any citizen can address the board. As board president, I am happy to meet with Mr Gilbert or anyone at anytime.

Laurie Bricker
HISD Board President
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If You Can't Stand the Heat...
I very much enjoyed Lisa Gray's kind profile of me ["Sadler's Crowd," May 6]. I think she understands me better than I do myself.

I would like to make one point: One could infer that I was unhappy with Valerie Rovira as chef at the Moose Cafe. Not so! Valerie came in and solidified a kitchen in such disarray. I have the highest regard for her as both a chef and a person. In fact, Valerie and I have discussed possible future projects.

Anyway, Lisa Gray is an eerily good writer -- you go, girl!
Bill Sadler
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A Real Scoop
Brad Tyer claims several times that Dolce and Freddo was the first coffee-ice cream-dessert place in Houston ["La Dolce Vita," May 6]. He should have asked some of us who are longer in memory (and in tooth). We fondly recall such predecessors as Cookies, Goodies 'n Moore (Westheimer in Montrose and Richmond outside the Loop) and Hilliards (Rice Boulevard).

Jack Hall
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Valentine Heartbreak
I was quite distressed that Gregory's had closed [Dish, by Margaret L. Briggs, April 1]. I just found the place last month and thought it was exquisite. I spent Valentine's brunch on its patio, and it was probably the best dining experience I've ever had. The food and wine were fantastic; however, the wait for the food was a little excessive.

But all was forgotten when Webb himself came outside with dessert and champagne for the entire patio. It was a great day for Houston weather and a perfect day for Gregory's.

I'm sad to see it go. Good luck, Greg.
James Olson

Closed Webb Site
As Greg Webb's daughter, I saw the toll the mismanagement of Gregory's restaurant was taking on my father. It's disappointing to see his creativity dampened by red tape. Thanks.

Hayley Wilson-Webb
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Tweedy Twist
I'm sure I won't be the first Wilco fan to tell you this. In the picture of Uncle Tupelo in "Sympathy for the Angel" [by Robert Wilonsky, March 25], you say Jeff Tweedy is the one on the far right. He's not. Tweedy is on the left. On the right is Jay Farrar.

Pete Vonder Haar
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