C.K. White
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Craves Dave's
It is obvious that Dennis Abrams has something personal against Dave & Buster's ["Game Over," May 6]. My experience and those of my friends have been exactly the opposite. The food is good, and the entertainment and atmosphere are excellent.

How many times did Dennis go to D&B? It is not fair to blast a place based on one or two visits. This is the first negative thing I have ever read about the place. I hope Dennis doesn't go back. The lines to get in are long enough already.

Eric Gerlacher
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Buster's Fan
I've been to several D&B's. You may want to visit them again. I cannot believe that they are as bad as you claim they are.

James Benjamin
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Global Gonzo
Wow, I hope Dennis used up his vitriol on Dave & Buster's and didn't have any left for his dog or significant other. I and my friends always enjoyed the food there. The usual comment I hear is that the food is "surprisingly good" for a bar and video-game place.

Judging from the mood you conveyed, what you really needed was a 300-pound Samoan lawyer, a briefcase full of drugs, a convertible Cadillac and a road trip to Vegas. Dave & Buster's probably doesn't fit the bill when you just feel like kicking the world's ass.

Jim O'Neill
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Final Exam
Yes, yes, I agree ["Best of Burt," by Paul J. MacArthur, May 6]. I agree, but you have to try all six minutes of "Walk On By" by The Stranglers (circa 1978) very late, very loud, extra bass. It skips the heart and soul and goes straight to the prostate.

Colin Bridle
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Petty Gripes
Although there is some lukewarm material on Tom Petty's album Echo [Rotation, by Anthony Mariani, May 6], there are quite a few good tracks. His oeuvre is proof that he can write quality lyrics and craft a song.

The same goes for comments like he's "a little too quick to bend over for a buck." You probably are aware of his well-documented legal battles with MCA, circa 1979 and 1981. They were going to price his new record at the then-unprecedented $9.98 until Petty threatened to title the album "$8.98." Petty's attitude of "I'm not gonna let you screw me over" has endeared him to many of his longtime fans. His "heart" isn't missing either.

There's plenty of people who will never like his voice. It is just aging like plenty of other singers. I'd take voices that maybe aren't pitch perfect but have character. Echo is an album that may have to grow on one over time.

Even though I didn't necessarily agree with some of your opinions, I thought the review was very well written.

Doug Davidson
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Premimum Pink
I love your article on the punk band GBH ["Punk Drunks," by David Wilcox, March 4]! They are my favorite punk band that's still alive and well. I just saw them a few weeks ago over here in Hollywood. Boy, did they wake up LA that night! The show was probably the best show I've ever been to! I just wanted to thank you for a doing an article on GBH!

Brian Guevara
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Buck Teeth for Buckcherry?
I like KISS, but I love Buckcherry [Rotation, by Anthony Mariani, February 25]. Never have I read a more BS piece of criticism in my life.

I'd fight for them. I'd lose teeth for Joshua Todd. I'm sure they didn't just rip off KISS's chords. No one is that stupid. And what in the hell does Puff-friggin' Daddy have to do with anything? Unless you have seen them live, it's hard to get what they are about.

The band is going somewhere and will continue to. In a few years, the name Buckcherry may be known by everyone, whereas Anthony Mariani may still be lost on everyone. I know I'll forget someone's name after I hit "send letter." And I doubt that name will be Buckcherry.

Sara Caldwell
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