Family Unfriendly

How Hermann Hospital and the Texas Medical Center left employees' kids high and dry

They have time and power on their side. On the other side are about 80 families who will move on to other day cares and get busy with other things. They can't crusade forever.

Hermann and the Med Center are counting on silence, time and forgetfulness to override the anger and hurt that's out there now. After all, no one was physically injured. No lives were threatened. No one was killed. This isn't World War III.

This is just a case of some big guys dumping on small guys and having the arrogance not even to try to do it particularly well.

And perhaps that's all you have to remember the next time you read a warm and fuzzy message about Hermann or a glowing report on the progress of the Texas Medical Center.

Tuck the words "Tag Along Kids Day Care" in some corner of your mind and trot them out whenever you have the urge to get swept up in euphoric projections of that patch of real estate. But don't ever ask them about it. They're not talking.

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