Taking Shots
What a fabulous job you've done with this subject ["Immune to Reason," by Brian Wallstin, June 3]! Your skill at presenting all sides of this issue in a very sane, nonhysterical, logical, sense-making way is impressive. Too bad you couldn't work for the Chronicle and write the same report.

My husband and I have three daughters who are nonimmunized, and we've gotten them through the public school system via exemption letters from a blessedly enlightened M.D. However, he had to go underground with this for fear of losing his license, so most parents out there today don't have this option.

The philosophical exemption we at PROVE have worked so hard to establish is sadly a nonthing right now. I am extremely concerned by "mandatory vaccination" and wonder when the public will wake up to the specter of the government controlling even their physical bodies and health.

Only with courageous articles such as yours do we have a chance at maintaining personal sovereignty and basic human rights.

Kevin and Sue Riddle
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Just want to let you know that these worst-case scenarios can happen with any vaccine. I was told I had to get a tetanus shot to work at Ben Taub (a lie and strong-arm tactic on the part of their employee health nurse).

The second deception was that the shot contained a diphtheria vaccine as well (administered without my knowledge or permission). I cannot begin to tell you how that shot four years ago changed my life for the worse. Diphtheria vaccine is now often used on unsuspecting people who think they are just getting a tetanus shot. It's called Td.

Name withheld by request
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This is the most comprehensive article I have read to date on this issue. The public needs to know legitimate questions exist, and the government and the pharmaceutical houses must be required to adequately answer.

When severe vaccine injury happens to you or someone you love, it is a horror made worse by being trivialized as hysterical, coincidental or, at best, statistically insignificant.

Nancy Manville
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Thank you so much for Brian Wallstin's article. My wife was injured 12 hours after her second hepatitis B vaccination. She now must use leg braces to walk. The doctors all said it couldn't be the vaccine. That is apparently what they tell everyone. It is great to see the truth come out.

David Fluck
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Hell to the Chief
Love to read about the Bad Boys of Cello ["Searching for a Cello," by Cynthia Greenwood, June 3]. It sounds like a stress relief for the perfectionism, challenges and hard work expected in the symphony, and it sounds fun. And it was a great choice not to play for Clinton; the Bad Boys are too good for the real bad boy of the White House! Thanks for the interesting article.

Sally Lawder
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Sheets Instead of Sympathy?
I'm grief-stricken ["Making a Point," by Wendy Grossman, June 3]. With all the women and children raped, abused and killed every day in this country, why do I want to know about the sufferings of a convicted violent criminal? Why do I want to be reminded that my hard-earned money goes to pay for this bastard's legal expenses?

If all the Rodney Hulins of the world hung themselves by bedsheets in their prison cells, this would be a much better place. Tell his parents to give the $215,000 awarded to them by the state to the people whose house their son burned down.

Stephanie Macato
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Beware of Verna and Hermann
Thanks for exposing the farce that was Tag Along Kids Day Care ["Family Unfriendly, by Margaret Downing, June 3]. My wife and I thought we would never get our daughter into a decent day-care environment. We both work in the medical center and could not find anything close. Tag Along claimed to have a waiting list of one year.

One day, out of the blue, their rep Verna called. Man, we were so excited! Our daughter was two months old and no farther than a football field away from Mom and Dad.

Hermann Hospital and Verna set us up. Hell, I should have known something was wrong when the rep's kids were enrolled somewhere else. Anyway, we found a better Montessori school for our little girl. Thanks for doing such a thorough report and letting others know we have a reason to be upset.

Billy Miller
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I appreciated your article on the Hermann Tag Along closing. I'm so glad it got some media attention.

I was one of the parents there. It was astounding, to say the least. Some of the day cares just laughed when I called them and asked if I could get in within two months. The waiting list for a good day care in this area is usually about six to eight months.

The worst part was the way the Tag Along's quality took a nosedive after the closing announcement. The teachers, out of a job, had no incentive to care about what they did. They showed up when and if they felt like it.

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