Two weeks before they closed, I arrived to find one teacher caring for 15 children by herself. As you may know, state regulations are one teacher to every four children. My son was scheduled to start his new day care in June, but I called the new place that day and begged, and he started the next morning.

After everything I experienced with those folks, it was very satisfying to see some media recognition of their reprehensible behavior.

Laura Steelman
via Internet

Rotten to the Corps
Jon Lindsay's fingerprints tend to be found on anti-environmental bills ["Local Control," by Richard Connelly, June 3]. In addition to House Bill 2977, which essentially orders the state to do nothing or as little as possible to protect the water quality of citizens in Harris County, Lindsay co-authored yet another bill which affects the entire state.

Unfortunately, this bill (SCR56) also is going to the governor for his signature. If Governor Bush approves these bills, it will be ironic when Texans turn to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to protect the water. The Clean Water Act gives the state the right to review permit applications pending before the Corps to ensure they are consistent with state water quality. All the state is doing is abandoning its responsibility.

John Berlinghoff
via Internet

A Leg Up on the Competition
Now that The Brownstone is allowing sex on the patio as entertainment ["Sex Among the Armoires," by Margaret L. Briggs, June 3], surely they will see an increase in business.

Walter Hammock
via Internet

Pained and Painted Puss
I think that former mayor Lanier should see his portrait before he 'disses' Ms. Gibson [Insider, by Tim Fleck, May 27]. While I'm neither an artist nor the son of an artist, it looks pretty good to me. Wonder if she could take that many years off my battered old puss.

Bill Wilcox
via Internet

Investigative reporting, such as your article unfolding the story behind the $8,000 portrait of Bob Lanier, is crucial to keeping our local politicians and leaders honest and responsive!

Chuck Gore
via Internet

This was an interesting article. What's more amazing is that Hizzoner has nothing but disdain for the lady who worked her butt off to paint it. And he ran the city? This lady makes an honest living with her hands -- and the ex-mayor and his wife speak ill of her?

Geez -- sounds like the %$#*-up fairy pays regular visits to Houston.
Amy O'Donnell
via Internet

Sit on It
So Orlando wanted to pay for "his" chair out of his City Council account, eh [Insider, by Tim Fleck, June 10]? Sounds like the taxpayer is paying for it one way or another! I think Dad (former councilman Frank Mancuso) had the same chair for about 30 years!

Frank Mancuso
via Internet

Cajun Carps
Dennis Abrams's review of Bourbon St. Bistreaux ["Near New Orleans," May 27] was a favorable one... uh, I think. What a surprise for someone who doesn't dole out good reviews generously!

Being from southern Louisiana, I and many other transplanted Cajuns know that while Mr. Abrams claims to be a "homesick Cajun," he is definitely not! Cajuns come from an area of southern Louisiana known as Acadiana, thus the slang "Cajun." That area does not encompass New Orleans! Therefore, I have never understood why he is so venomous to "impostor" restaurants serving up so-called Cajun food. And I don't know why the Press would employ someone with such a bitter taste in his mouth.

Donnie Angelle
via Internet

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