Out on the Town

Kids gather comfortablyfor a special prom

After the scholarship announcements, a representative from the mayor's office showed up with a large framed document that proclaimed June 19 HATCH Prom '99 Day. As he stressed the importance of community involvement, most of the teens whispered and chatted with each other and seemed to be itching to have the music turned back on. Perhaps they were only looking forward to the upcoming Prom King and Queen vote (a girl won the King role, and a boy dressed as a girl took the Queen title).

After the proclamation, the Village People's "YMCA" pounded through the stereo, and a large group of teens got up to get down, complete with the familiar gestures. A few semi-exhausted kids went outside and draped themselves on the front steps of the inn, and several more crowded around the pool to gossip and relax. If it hadn't been for the large rainbow-striped gay pride flag floating above the inn's doorway, the gay teenagers would have seemed like everyday kids enjoying a good time with friends. Which, when you think about it, is exactly what they were.

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