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Okay, most of the hard stuff has already been taken care of except ... oiling the obligatory promotion machine. This task has fallen squarely on the shapely delts of yours truly, which means not only will my stubby, grubby fingerettes be pounding out band bios and counting ballots all weekend but that my angelic voice will be blessing ears all over Space City from 90.1 KPFT headquarters this Saturday, July 17. Myself and some KPFT regular will be spinning local tracks and hopefully interviewing local talent in the studio from 9 a.m. till noon. Though a word to the wise-asses: for the show, a Music Awards primer, KPFT wonít let me play any heavy metal or hard rock or hardcore hip hop. It, according to Edmundo Resendez, KPFT programming director, just "doesnít fit with our style." So much for "public" radio.

Also, as if my voice wasn't enough, my face will be glowing inside your TV this Friday when I appear on FOX News with Lloyd Gite. That means yours faithfully will have to be on the FOX News set at 5:30 in the morn! An ungodly hour, not fit for man nor beast nor soy product. Oh, the prices we pay ...

Speaking of which, the five bucks you exchange for 55-plus bands this Sunday at Bayou Place will be nothing compared to the cost it takes to promote and execute a performance of this size. (CUE: violins.) Unlike other such events (e.g., the Grammys, the Tonys, the Oscars), this one is conducted and arranged completely in house. How it works is this way: we here at Music Awards Headquarters locate local industry heads (e.g., record label prixies, flack, recording studio peeps, etc.). We send them blank ballots, asking them to name their top five acts in numerous genres. They write in who they think are worthy. They mail/fax the ballots back to us here at MAH. We tabulate the scores. We arrive at a ballot, the one you see/have been seeing in the paper these past weeks and which, in 8 1/2-by-11 copies, will be located at all the performance venues at the time of the showcase. You vote. We count 'em. We hand out awards on Sunday, Aug. 1, at Elvia's.

Bein' Alive

Contrary to popular rumor, Frankie Bones is indeed alive and well. In fact, the world-renowned house DJ is not nor has he ever been dead. In fact, he's so not dead, he'll be performing at the International Ballroom this Saturday, July 17, for "Bass Station '99," an all-out what-you-would-commonly-call "rave."

Local club promoter Derek Brown got an e-mail Tuesday from "Spin Records" in New York saying Bones had died. Though there is no "Spin Records" in New York, there is a Spin Art Records. Whatever the name, the e-missive was sent to the company's direct mail recipients of which Brown is one. It, according to various sources, said Bones died in a motorcycle accident. Shocked at the news, Brown called media outlets around the city, saying he was going to be compiling information for an obituary. It was during his rounds that Albert Rowan of Chemistry Records told him essentially to verify what the Spin/Spin Arts message said.

"So I called Sonic Groove [DJ Bones' record store in New York]," says Brown, "and [Bones] answered the phone."

Dead man talking, it would seem.

Says a Sonic Groove employee: "This is the fourth time someone's said [Bones has] died. But this time around another DJ named Frank whose nickname was 'Bones' got killed in a motorcycle accident. I think people just mixed it up."

Local guy Brown sent a reply to Spin/Spin Art's initial e-mail sender, asking for an explanation. He has yet to hear back from them. A call placed to Spin/Spin Art about the incident was fielded by an employee who said: "Frankie Bones isn't on our label. Frank Black is and he's doing fine."

Frankie Bones began blending beats in New York City in the mid-'80s, at around the time rap was taking form. He performed in Houston in places like the Orbit Room and the International Ballroom, 14035 S. Main, where he'll be knocking 'em dead this weekend. Tickets are $18 and $20 pre-sale, $25 at the door the day of. It's an all-ages show. Call Chemistry Records, (713)521-4797, for info.

Sidecar Circuit

Trying to get original local acts bigger exposure is what some local clubs live to do. The Sidecar Pub, out on Huffmeister, is one of them. Club co-owner Peron Einkauf has been dealing with a booker out of Dallas to try to get Houston bands on and into a Dallas-Austin-Houston tour circuit. The way it works is this: a Houston act with a substantial local following travels to Dallas to open up for a Dallas act with a substantial local (Dallas) following. The Houston act benefits by having played in front of new ears, and the Dallas act benefits by knowing it will be in Houston soon, reciprocating the love. It's a sure fire way to capture listeners. Call it guerrilla touring. Contact Peron or co-owner Marybeth at (713)822-2095.

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