Jana's story

Everyone in Brenham was shouting about the rape case. Now the victim has her say.

 June 28, 1996: Jana Dreyer was about to turn 14, and she didn't want to spend Friday night with her mom. A senior at Brenham High School was hosting a graduation party at a rental hall called Bilski's Camphouse that night. Jana wanted to attend the party instead. She and her mother argued about it. For one thing, there were dinner plans. For another, Jana was scheduled to do a modeling shoot for the Page Parkes agency in Houston early the next morning.

But Jana was willful, and eager to start hanging out with the older high school crowd. She'd been back in Brenham for only a single school year after eight years in Dallas. Jana would be a freshman once summer ended. She was ready to start meeting her peers for the next four years.

Jana finally won out when she provided assurances that she would be chaperoned by her boyfriend and his father.

Matthew Kenjura
Matthew Kenjura

Jana rode to the party with the young man and his dad. There were maybe 350 people there, a lot of recently graduated seniors and some older kids from local Blinn College, where Jana's grandfather was athletic director (Blinn's baseball field, which he designed, was named after him).

Jana knew a few people present, but not most. Kids wandered the grounds and talked in cliques and dived into the camphouse refrigerator for the vodka and Everclear Jell-O shots that seemed to be the party's intoxicant of choice. The parents present mostly drank beer.

Jana stuck with the Jell-O shots. She says she probably downed eight or nine during the evening. Mingling, she lost track of her date and his father in the crowd and was introduced by a friend to a group of boys.

Standing around a keg were soon-to-be-seniors Matt Kenjura, the star quarterback of the Brenham High School Cubs, baseball team captain Matt McIntyre, their friend Bryce Pflughaupt, and a fourth, younger boy. If there was an in crowd at Brenham High -- and there was -- this was it.

Jana already knew who they were. Her friend Lindsay Thaler had an older brother the same age as Kenjura, McIntyre and Pflughaupt, and Thaler had brought a yearbook into English class to show Jana how cute she thought the boys were, especially Pflughaupt. The two girls had written notes back and forth about the older boys.

The boys suggested leaving the party to grab something to eat. Jana, feeling the effects of the Everclear and having lost her ride, asked if she could get a lift home. They piled into Pflughaupt's Ford Explorer. Jana sat in a backseat, leaning her head back on the rest with her eyes closed, trying to maintain a drunken equilibrium as the Explorer bumped down the dirt road away from Bilski's and back to the pavement.

Jana remembers seeing trees and then noticing a lack of lights passing overhead. She asked where they were going. One of the boys told her not to worry, they were just going for a little drive. And then the Explorer stopped. Jana recognized that they were somewhere on the manicured grounds of the Brenham Country Club, just outside the city limits. Her family held a membership.

The boys got out of the Explorer. Jana thinks they were popping open cans of beer. She said she wanted to lie down. Needed to sleep. Her head was pounding. One of the boys flipped a lever and folded down the seat so Jana could crawl into the back and rest.

She heard voices outside the Explorer, as if from a distance, in the drunken way in which you can hear people talking, but not what they say. She nodded off.

She nodded back in when a light above her in the truck's cargo bay came on. McIntyre had opened the Explorer's hatchback. He was crawling into the back with Jana, on top of her, kissing her neck and fondling her. Jana told him to leave her alone, she just wanted to sleep. McIntyre continued. Jana tried to shove him off but couldn't. She says her head felt like a stone and her arms would barely follow her wasted brain's commands. She said no, but he didn't stop. She felt her pants being pulled off, and her panties; her shoes must have already gone. She said don't, leave me alone, I don't want to do this, and then, suddenly, the 13-year-old girl was no longer a virgin.

She remembers Kenjura, the quarterback, yelling at McIntyre to hurry up, he wanted his turn, and then shortly, he got it. She remembers his eyes being cold and sweat dripping off his face into her eyes, and finally ceasing to struggle, biting her lip and pretending that this was happening not to her, but to somebody else. She remembers the younger boy saying to his friends that this wasn't right, we shouldn't be doing this, and being ignored, just like Jana.

When it was over with, she had to pee. She climbed out of the truck, stumbled, caught herself on the bumper, and then someone pushed her to the ground. She crawled for a moment, got back to her feet and walked away some distance to urinate on the ground. When she got back to the truck, she got in the backseat and asked the boys again to take her home. She remembers that Bryce Pflughaupt was angry about the blood in the back of his Explorer. She asked what time it was, and one boy pointed to the radio, tuned to 104.1 FM, and told her it was 10:41. Jana knew it was later than that.

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Next door to Brenham/Washington County is Bellville/Austin County. Worse than Brenham in that the predators of the children aren't other school-aged miscreants, but the teachers, faculty, school administrators, doctors, DA's, school board members, CPS "investigators," law officers, politicians, and other influential "citizens," of this cesspool of humanity. Minorities accept abuse, or vainly attempt to lessen it by "acting white," and protecting (promoting) the racism and social injustices. Make no mistake about it... In this town... Children are prey, and injustice and abuse is considered the "norm." Texas' own little Thailand; sex crimes against the weak and innocent. "Hear no evil. See no evil. Tell no evil." A sad, but appropriate, motto, for a sad and inappropriate town. There are some mighty poisonous pit-vipers hidden in those pretty Bluebonnets.

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