Righteous Babe

Ani DiFranco, poetess, goddess, funky folker, comes to town

DiFranco has also been doing a lot of producing. She produced underground folk artist Dan Bern's CD Fifty Eggs and one song on Janis Ian's CD Hunger. "Working on somebody else's record is refreshingly free of all the emotional baggage and insecurity that one attaches to one's own," she says.

Also coming on Righteous Babe Records is a CD by Arto Lindsay and a spoken-word CD similar to the Utah Phillips albums, from Sekou Sundiata, who was DiFranco's poetry teacher at the New School in New York.

Rumors are that DiFranco might take a break from her endless, exhaustive touring schedule. After declaring for years that she's got spots and she's got stripes, too ("that's Mister DiFranco to youŠ"), she got hitched last year to her skinny blond sound guy. She calls him "Goat Boy" because she thinks he looks like a goat. (When we spotted the happy couple two-stepping at the Broken Spoke in Austin in January, we thought he looked more like a girl.) Maybe she'll settle down. Maybe she'll have kids.

But don't count on it.

"The thing about doing what you love, it's hard to think of reasons to stop, and music is my life," she says. "Art is what I live for. When I'm not touring or in the studio, me and the Goat Boy are at home recording, or I'm getting together with friend and jamming.

"It's more than a job," she says. "It's an adventure."

Ani DiFranco performs Monday, October 18, at the Aerial Theater, 520 Texas. Call (713)629-3700.

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