Third Coast Roast

Let's rap music

And just when all the women had cooled down from Andrey's performance, Deep Threat took the stage. Let's just say they looked like the boys from H-Town, if they lifted weights. These three brothers had practically every woman, and maybe even a few men, ready to take the next cab to the nearest hotel. They were bumping, grinding, dropping to the floor and doing those suggestive push-ups Bobby Brown used to do before he got fat and bitter. And once again, the plump black lady was elated.

Too bad the last group, L.A.W., a collection of testosterone-filled troubadours, was more concerned with what they sang than how they sang it. The group's set consisted of one song, which is okay when it's good, but when it's something originally performed by Dru Hill, who everybody knows is practically a carbon copy of Jodeci, it can be anything but.

Like L.A.W.'s set, the entire Third Coast Music Conference was uneven. But for as amateurish as it was, the conference was full of surprises. Who would've thought some of the best up-and-coming rappers in Texas were from El Paso? Or that there are so many good R&B performers in this town? Or that women can actually get drunk off Zima? It's almost enough to make you anticipate the next Third Coast Music Conference.

If there ever is another.

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