NOD So Naughty

Rice will try to tone down its annual Night of Decadence

Of course, there will no longer be breasts spouting punch at NOD. It's usually too dark to see anything anyway, Lee says. Besides, the party usually spreads beyond The Commons to private rooms across campus. And students can decorate their dorm rooms however they want -- Penumalli and his roommates are spending about $600 to decorate for their black-light party. They even have some of last year's kinky decorations.

"Most of the party goes on in my room -- that's just, like, a fact," he says.

They've got stadium seating and three TVs to show porn.

Pizza boxes were the only costumes for some partygoers.
Anthony Mariani
Pizza boxes were the only costumes for some partygoers.

"Last year there was this guy masturbating on the couch with a big ol' smile on his face watching cartoon porn. I was involved in dragging him out of there -- not by his hands," Penumalli says. But the guy returned and did it again, watching a girl-on-girl porn movie.

Which made it better -- but still not okay.

"It was never okay," Penumalli says. "Those are my couches."

Rice will add extra security, white string lights on the paths and "drunk-sitters." But that might not be enough to tame NOD. Kirsten Stecher, an 18-year-old sophomore, would rather they get rid of the party entirely.

"It's offensive," she says. "Last year it was just disgusting." She didn't actually go inside the party last year, but right outside her bedroom window was a picture of a naked girl spread-eagle. And in the weeks building up to the party there were stacks of Playboy and Penthouse magazines lying around The Commons to help inspire the decorations committee.

Stecher and other members of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship will spend the night praying for the partygoers.

"Not, like, praying for their souls," Stecher says. "Praying that nobody gets molested, hurt or taken someplace they don't want to be. That they don't have regrets, basically," she says.

Her friend Penumalli looks up from his beer. "For real?" he asks, with a you're-making-this-up look on his face.

She's totally serious. She plans to alternate between working security and praying that everyone makes good decisions, she says. "Solid choices."

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