Where Is He Now?

Rik Emmett of Triumph, after we return

(Music for third part of segment: "When the Lights Go Down.") In 1988 the original members of Triumph performed their last show in Toronto. (Cue: photo of band members bowing in front of a crowd.) More on Rik Emmett, when we return.


(Music to be played during first part of segment: "Gasoline.")

Rik Emmett during his formidable days with Triumph.
Rik Emmett during his formidable days with Triumph.
Rik Emmett, the solo artist, today.
Rik Emmett, the solo artist, today.

(Voice-over): These days, Rik has forgotten about Triumph (cue: video of Rik in home studio, jamming) and is back making music his way. Since leaving Triumph, the guitar technician has released six solo albums, including a "trilogy" set on Open House Records of three distinctly different guitar styles: classical, jazz and blues.

(Music for second part of segment: "Magic Power.") Rik now lives in Mississauga, Ontario, with his wife and four children. (Cue: video of Rik catching ball with kids.) He usually performs live with only himself and a couple guitars. Any type of music, rock, classical, jazz, blues, even Triumph songs, is fair game.

(Direct quote from Rik on tape): "Music's about communicating....It has to be universal for me. I want to communicate. I don't wanna lose anybody. I want to do something for little kids and grandpa."

(Music for third part of segment: "Hold On.") Rik Emmett has triumphed over his past as a successful, dedicated rock music performer. (Cue: photo of Rik, laughing/ smiling.)

(Direct quote from Rik on tape): "I've been doing this long enough. I started recording when I was 22. I think I've learned plenty of ways to skin a cat."

Rik Emmett. A true Where Are They Now? star. Thanks for watching. Stay tuned for VH1's Where'd the Flava Go?... Rap Stars of the '80s. Coming up next!

(Fade to black.)

Rik Emmett performs Sunday, November 14, at 8 p.m. at Main Street Theater, 4617 Montrose (at Highway 59). Advance tickets are available only by calling Andrew, (713)627-3734.

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