Snippy, Snippy

Quote of the Week

From the ever-so-delicate sports section of the Chron, a quote from Seattle Sonic Vernon Maxwell, expressing his displeasure to Scotty Pippen: "Stop [complaining]! You better not be guarding me when you come out here 'cause I'm gonna bust your [butt]. You ain't in Houston and you're still crying like a [girl]!"

Okay, "[complaining]" we can pretty well guess is a euphemism for "bitching." And "[butt]" is a more acceptable term for "ass," we suppose. But "[girl]"? Did Maxwell say "bitch"? Or "pussy"? Or what? What word did the Chron editors decide was a synonym for "girl"? Should all girls be offended?

We don't know. We sure do like the thought of the sports desk sitting around discussing the matter, though.

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