Swamp Ghosts

Racial tensions still haunt Geno Delafose's Louisiana stomping ground

Besides, Delafose feels that music can bring people together better than governments and legal battles. "After I finished my CD, La Chanson Perdue Š I finished on a Friday, and the Saturday, Christine and them were playing a little clubŠ.So I was off. And they said, 'If you're off, why don't you come by and meet us,' you know? 'You can play with us,' or whatever. So I went by. And I had my mom and another friend with me. So I dropped them off in front of the club, and I went and parked my truck," he recalls.

"So when I walked in, I thought they had a cover charge or something, so I was looking for someone to pay to get in. And I was just standing by the door. So this guy, he came by me, and he said, 'How you doin'?' I said, 'I'm doin' fine.' And he said, 'I think ya better leave if you don't want no trouble, because we don't mix too much around here,' " Delafose continues. "That just blew me away, and I started laughing. I just said, 'Okay, that's fine with me.' I didn't really go anywhere; I just kinda moved off to the side and stuff because my mom and them was still in there. And then Christine and them called me up to play and stuff. And I went and I joined 'em, and I started playing. And them fucking people in that club went crazy, man. They didn't want me to stop after I started playin'."

"I don't know if the guy knew who I was," he says. "I guess he just thought I was just in there to make some trouble or something."

With a little bit of Cajun and a little bit of zydeco, Geno Delafose can get a dance floor hoppin'.
Barbara Roberds
With a little bit of Cajun and a little bit of zydeco, Geno Delafose can get a dance floor hoppin'.

Delafose's all-embracing approach, in music and in life, may be best summed up by the name of his band, French Rockin' Boogie. "It's all the same thing, man," he says. "If it make ya dance and make ya feel good, then have at it. You ain't hurtin' nobody."

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