Into the Line of Fire

Swede Lasse Hallström steps into America's abortion controversy with The Cider House Rules

Hallstrom chuckles once again when it's suggested that, just as Homer couldn't escape his destiny, he could not avoid directing The Cider House Rules.

"I'm not much into that idea of destiny controlling us. I think I can manipulate destiny well enough -- to the point that I don't think it's there to steer me. I'm able to steer my life any way I would want.

"But, of course, I suppose my destiny has been shaped by the interests that were imprinted in me by my parents, and by the way I grew up. My father was an amateur filmmaker. And my mother was interested in writing and poetry.

Stephen Vaughan
Not wanting to tell John Irving how to adapt his novel, director Lasse HallstrŲm initially rejected The Cider House Rules.
Michael Caine as Dr. Larch (left) and Tobey Maguire as Homer were the perfect choices for their roles. So says HallstrŲm.

"So I suppose that if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be here, talking about my films."

The Cider House Rules opens December 17 in Houston.

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