Nickel and Dining

Delicious Café Toulouse wants to be your local bistro. But is charging for bread any way to treat friends?

A good selection of desserts rounds off the menu ($2.99 each). At first bite, I thought the key lime pie was way too sweet, but that initial impression quickly vanished with a tangy, nearly bitter aftertaste. Quite nice. My top choice, though, was the chocolate espresso cheesecake. Normally I'm about as fond of flavored cheesecake as I am of flavored beers, but this is different. It's rich and dense, with enough espresso flavor to balance out the chocolate sweetness. With a cup of good strong coffee, it's a terrific end to a meal.

All in all, Café Toulouse is a fine neighborhood restaurant, cafe, bistro, whatever, and if I lived in the area, I'd probably be a frequent visitor. With God as my witness, though, I'll never order the bread again. This is definitely not a practice I want to encourage.

Amy Spangler
Pass the bread. And go directly to the soup and entrées at Café Toulouse.

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