J-U-N-K in the Y2K

Butch Forest is ready. Are you?

As the new year draws near, maybe a week before, Butch says, he'll finish off his "punch list" of items. He'll make sure that both of his vehicles and his wife's car are full of gasoline. Plus he's going to stash away another hundred gallons or so at various locations. He's going to load up on propane canisters to fuel the campstove he's got lined up to heat food.

And then there's those waterbed mattresses to buy.

Come the actual day itself, Butch says, he'll be at home in La Porte, or in any case, no more than about a mile from there. And just so the switch to 2000 still feels like a celebration, even through the fearful fog of millennial maybes, Butch Forest will have on hand a dozen or so bags of his favorite candy, Reese's Pieces, because some things just aren't worth surviving without.

His own private Albertson's: Butch Forest in his pantry.
Amy Spangler
His own private Albertson's: Butch Forest in his pantry.

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