You seem thrown by the fact that I ran a rumor by you about your allegedly blurting out "I quit" and being surprised when the editors accepted. But none of that was printed. Reporters run rumors by sources all the time; sometimes they check out, sometimes they don't. Your interpretation of the column seems based on a theory that I still believed the argument rumor and was somehow slyly trying to imply it in print.

You're reading too much between the lines.

Rainbow Coalition

What a fine piece of writing, your article on Oz ["Good-bye Yellow Brick Road," by Kathy Biehl, January 27].

I'm researching the subject of early Oz productions and have worked as a journalist, a writer of books and an editor. This is a note to compliment you on your fine writing. Keep up the good work.

Stuart Murray

East Chatham, New York

Ganging Up

Thanks for the great cartoon on Perry Homes targeting historic landmarks in Europe for demolition [Chock Full O'Angst, by Kelly Klaasmeyer, February 17], and also for the informative article on cops and prosecutors targeting minorities as gang members ["Gang of One," by Melissa Hung, February 17].

The biggest unchecked gang activity in Houston is the organized crime by developers scheming to violate the rights of property owners. City and state officials need to recognize the pattern of fraud and malfeasance against the public through the abuse of city ordinances and nonprofit statutes to funnel profits into the hands of private developers at taxpayers' expense. Until government officials team up to investigate and fight real crime, instead of media-generated images of it, they are part of the crime problem. Antigang policies cannot be taken seriously while the government ignores, if not participates in, real organized crime.

Emily Nghiem


Rain Gauge

I read with amazement Seth Landau's review of Liquid i's new release, Waves of Rain [Rotation, February 17]. I find the album very good, local or not. But what is baffling about the review is its caustic nature. The review starts out complimentary and positive, "most of Rain is solid," but then turns totally corrosive. If he thought it was solid, why not elaborate?

His criticism about the band's lyrics, "sophomoric," is way off. (He even incorrectly reprinted some of the lyrics.) Liquid i's lyrics are intelligent, thoughtful, evocative and poetic.

His criticism of the band's remake of "Tainted Love" also doesn't make sense. Remaking songs is a tried-and-true tradition in music and is a means to pay tribute to one's influences. The real question is, who doesn't use it? Landau's comment: "Covering material is okay, so long as it's done honestly." What the hell does that mean? How do you cover a song dishonestly?

Waves of Rain is a damn good album. It grows on me the more I play it. Landau crossed the line from genuine music criticism to inexplicable malice. The underlying issue is his motives.

Andrew W. Chong


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