Prepare for Landing

The appropriately named Jet Li may prove Americans are finally primed for Far East mayhem

Jet Li: Not afraid to get his ass kicked on screen.
Warner Bros.
Jet Li: Not afraid to get his ass kicked on screen.


Rated R.

Veteran cinematographer Andrzej Bartkowiak (Speed) makes an impressive feature directing debut. His one misstep, however, is the excessive number of quick cuts during many of the martial arts scenes. Li is fast enough that it becomes difficult to follow the action if the camera and editing are being maneuvered with equal speed. Thankfully, the final battle is more simply shot, even featuring the occasional use of slo-mo. Will this movie make Jet Li a Hollywood star? It's hard to say. But as a solo showcase, and a better-than-average actioner, it stands a better chance than either Rush Hour or The Corruptor did for their respective Eastern leads.

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