Accordion Corleone

Collaborating with Dre would be, in Li'l Brian's opinion, the best way to take the Zydeco Travelers' Z-funk mainstream. Other producers need not apply...yet. "It's like Michael Jordan," Li'l Brian says. "When he walks on the court, it's like, 'Me and Mike'll take on all ten of y'all.' It has to be Dre."

"Or I could get with Rap-A-Lot," Li'l Brian says almost quizzically, referring to Houston's answer to Death Row Records. "I'm lookin' for the whole hip-hop connection, whether it's through Dre or Rap-A-Lot. Let's make this happen. Let's get this across here."

In the aforementioned press release, Li'l Brian even goes as far as to compare his hometown, which is near Houston, to the incomparably destitute Compton. "Oh, yeah," he's quoted as saying, "we have gang wars and drive-by's too -- it's the 'hood alright."

Dr. Dre, gettin' his zydeco on. This is Li'l Brian's pipe dream.
Collage by Monica Fuentes
Dr. Dre, gettin' his zydeco on. This is Li'l Brian's pipe dream.

Yet imagine:

...Bitches relax while I get my proper swerve on EE-EE-EE-EP! Bumpin' like a mo-fucker ready to get my serve on EE-EE-EE-UP! But before I hit the dope spot, gotta get the chronic, the Remy Martin and my soda pop EE-EE-EE-EP!...

Zydeco-rap? Let's remain skeptical.

Li'l Brian and the Zydeco Travelers perform Saturday, April 8, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the American Stage at Sam Houston Park as part of the Houston International Festival. For more information, call (713)654-8088.


Filming for an upcoming VH-1 movie of the week is set to begin here Monday, April 10. Casting for Exodus Live, a tale about white rappers, is already under way, and I-45 is one of the acts under consideration for the marquee role. Funny, but aren't the Hispanic guys from I-45 always complaining about being mistaken for white boys? Being white boys on screen probably won't help this misconception any.

Chances that the movie is satirical in nature are good. White guys plus rap equals funny. If this is the case, manager Mark Reed says, I-45 won't participate.

Legend Gets Local

Gitane "Don't Call Me Christian Death" Demon returns to Houston for a performance Thursday, April 6, at Instant Karma. We say "returns" because it wasn't too long ago that Demon (who got her start with gargantuan gothers Christian Death nearly a decade ago) was at ToneZone Records' studios laying vocals on the Bamboo Crisis track "Sentinel." "She nailed it in one take," says ToneZone's Bobby Joe Rose, who also handles some of Demon's business affairs. The glamour-puss Demon has already said yes to a ToneZone-produced dance record.


About half a year out of open-heart surgery, Greg Wood leads his band Horseshoe back to the stage. The band plays a CD release party Saturday, April 8, at Rudyard's, 2010 Waugh. For more information, call (713)521-0521. Nas-T will appear on Jenny Jones (which airs at 11 a.m. on KRIV, the local Fox affiliate) Friday, April 7. The seven-year-old R&B quartet will perform its single "Ladies and Players' Night Out." "It's a big step," says Clyde Bazile, the group's manager. -- Anthony Mariani

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