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Stock Answer

In your article ["High on Speed," by Lisa Gray, March 23] you mention the Stock Car Club of America, when in fact it is the Sports Car Club of America.

Keith Hanna


On the Spot

I'm confused. At the end of the Letters section, there is a full account ["Casting All Modesty Aside," April 13] of how the Houston Press received more awards than the Houston Chronicle at The Press Club of Houston awards ceremony. The short statement described how you crushed the Chronicle in most of the categories, competing head-on with them since you both have circulation over 100,000.

Yet in Richard Connelly's News Hostage column, you blast the Chronicle for boycotting The Press Club's Spot News Reporting category, which nobody won. Why didn't the Houston Press win the award if there were no other contestants in this category? Was the Press snubbed by The Press Club just as the Chronicle had been the year before? Is this a case of what comes around goes around?

Alicia Russo-Stevens


Connelly replies: The Spot News category is given for covering breaking news, the stories that are considered to concern events that happened the previous day. So that category is open only to daily newspapers. The Chronicle is the only daily paper over 100,000 circulation in the area covered by the Houston Press Club awards.

Diverse and Perverse

As a loyal listener to the now defunct Stevens & Pruett Show [News Hostage, by Richard Connelly, March 23], I found the show highly entertaining. Although there were times when I switched stations to avoid hearing callers talk about their latest sexcapades, it was more interesting by far than Houston's FM version of Rush Limbaugh (i.e. Sam Malone).

They also presented the most diverse lineup of guests in this market, something other stations on that bandwidth do not offer. I, for one, will continue to listen to the new morning show of Grego, Pruett and the Boner. By the way, there is no period after the "S" in Harry S Truman. It stood for nothing.

David Teter


Too Much Sugar

Wanted to neglect our restaurant duties long enough to say thanks for Margaret Briggs's review of Riva's ["Inner-City Suburban," March 9]. We've worked long and hard (having a lot of fun along the way!) to make our restaurant both relaxing and comfortable; to discover that Ms. Briggs enjoyed our cooking as well was truly gratifying. We only hope that next time she comes she'll have time enough to stay for the crème brûlée.

Michael and Joseph Sibouyeh

Owners, Riva's Restaurant

Intoxicating Performance

Thanks to Craig D. Lindsey for the good review of our show [Listen In, April 6]. We really appreciate the Press write-up whenever we can get it! And to write that the horn section "was a happy-go-lucky threesome, playing with a joyful unruliness." This is the best description we've heard for "drunk" yet! Thanks again!

Ryan Gabbart


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