School Scam?

Did a teacher fabricate a student assault to collect disability?

Loza's mother, Sylvia, is a caseworker for the Texas Department of Human Services. She says that at Holland there is tension between blacks, who make up a majority of the student body and staff, and Hispanics. When there are incidents, Hispanic students tend to be blamed, she says.

She recalls the day her son was bloodied when he arrived home on the school bus. She complained to the principal. "I wanted to know why I wasn't notified, and why they would put a child with blood on his face and shirt on the school bus without calling me."

She recalls that Wilson initially told her nothing had happened to her son in class. But at a later meeting with the principal, she says, Wilson admitted she had had to call a janitor to "clean up the blood" from a fracas involving several students.

Juan Carlos Aguirre denied he assaulted a teacher, and a jury agreed.
Deron Neblett
Juan Carlos Aguirre denied he assaulted a teacher, and a jury agreed.

School records indicate that four days before Wilson filed the assault charge, Aguirre's mother and sister complained to the school that Wilson had struck him on the head with a book several times for acting up. No action was taken. Attorney Sullivan says the timing raises the possibility that Wilson may have targeted the student for retaliation because of his own assault claim.

Sullivan says school officials should take a hard look at both the management of Holland Middle School and Wilson's continuing free ride for trying to put a 13-year-old in a cell.

"The only person benefiting from the filing of the assault charge is Ms. Wilson," he told jurors in the trial. "The only person who's collected money and still collects money is Ms. Wilson. If anything, she should be prosecuted.

"But you know what? I doubt she ever will be."

At a minimum, don't look for another self-congratulatory press conference by the district brass to announce the outcome of this disability claim.

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