Dawn of the Dead

Sci Fi's brilliant good vs. evil is a corpse in search of a burial

Worse, says Pate, is the fact USA Network "spent no money on marketing the show at all." He adds, "Our hope would be something like the South Park phenomenon in the very beginning -- we could just spark something that would catch on. And that's their thought, too, so that's why they won't spend any money on marketing. They think any lightning that it will strike will strike on its own."

But Pate isn't resentful; quite the opposite. He and his brother are itching to get back to making features, and even if the show does return, they will hand over its day-to-day operations to another producer. And the brothers are waiting to get the go-ahead from Sci Fi for another series, one that "might have a better shot at attracting a wider audience than good vs. evil," Jonas says. Perhaps he and his brother are resigned to the inevitable. Henry and Chandler may have returned from the hereafter, but their show likely will not.

"I just want to know what will we do if this show is really canceled, which I can't get a definitive answer to," Rohner says. "You can get a definitive 'we don't know.' That's the question: Is it canceled? Is it not canceled? It's like asking someone, 'Do you like me?' and having them say, 'Well, I don't hate you.' What does that mean?"

Son, that means you're probably dead.

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